I'm loosing my Lipo storage room... How/where do you guys store your bats? - RC Groups
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Jun 09, 2009, 12:22 PM
My Bulldog is my copilot ..
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I'm loosing my Lipo storage room... How/where do you guys store your bats?

The econo-geddon has made my wife so crazy that she's kicked me out of our storage room (5'x5' concrete room under our front porch). Apparently 'food storage' is more important then 'my little hobby' and there isn't room for my collection of Lipo's.

The only other 'kid safe' area at my house is the wood shop located in part of my garage. Who wouldn't want to keep lipos in a sawdust covered environment?

Since most threads talking about Lipo storage have links to the videos you guys have done i thought i'd ask here for some ideas.

I'm not paranoid about them... but i am cautious. My goal is to keep little fingers from getting a hold of something they shouldn't. At the same time i want to make sure im covered for that worst-case scenario.

Ideas? Photos? what do you guys do?

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Jun 09, 2009, 12:26 PM
Hit Me! Please!
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They are "probably" not going to burst into flames just sitting there, so you could put them in an inexpensive cash box with a lock on it. I have one I used to use before I got too many batteries that are too large to fit in it. Now I just leave them in my flight box or another box next to it. I do move them up high when the grand kids come over.
Jun 09, 2009, 12:28 PM
Utah Flyers
natetanr's Avatar
I store mine in an old army amo can.
Jun 09, 2009, 12:48 PM
My Bulldog is my copilot ..
TheLost's Avatar
I'm not toooo worried about spontaneous explosions... But i am worried about kids playing with stuff they shouldn't.

The door to the storage room is almost always locked so i felt semi safe. My shop doesn't have a door. I've put locks on all the outlets so you cant 'accidentally' turn on any of the equipment... but kids (and some adults) are drawn to that area by instinct. No matter how hard i yell i still find go-carts made out of my collection of exotic woods.

I'd also like a safe place to put a battery in the RARE case that i crash . Again, in the storage room i could drop it in a fire safe box for a day or two wile i kept an eye on it.

Right now im thinking of something like THIS with a small lock. The only problem is i will need quite a few of them
Jun 10, 2009, 09:55 AM
My Bulldog is my copilot ..
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I've got a stack of old lipos (most in the 3s 2100 range) and a few prototype storage ideas... anybody want to test some lipo fire myths? I don't have anyplace around my house/neighborhood I'd feel safe burring the packs.


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