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Jun 01, 2009, 09:00 AM
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Trippe 13.8v power supply

I went yard sailing yesterday with my GF thinking I'll see if maybe I'll come across some kind of a power supply. 1st yard sale we go to really has nothing major and as we are leaving I see a box under one of the tables.

This is what I got for 5 bucks brand new. See pic.

What are the odds of that?!

I also picked up a different PS and needed to get an adaptor plug. So off to Radio Shack. The young girl tells me I need to bring in the monitor.

I said where are your adaptors and she holds up about 50 of em and proceeds to eyeball them compared to mine.

I ask do you have a caliper and I get a blank stare and "A what"

So I said just show me where they are and she gets peeved.

I find the adaptors and she is watching me as if I'm going to steel something and says those won't work and she has been doing this for 15 months and knows.

I then ask where the bannana plugs are and she shows me one for $25 and so I say I just need the little cheap bannana plugs and she says I'll need to bring in the speakers!!!! I see the ones I need and I explain it is for a power supply and she tells they will not work for a power supply and I should bring it in!!!

I got everything I needed and she is shaking her head as I pay and then says that I will need to know how to solder and that I will also need to buy a soldering iron.

Besides being rude the whole time and no help what so ever I say thanks have a nice day and not even a "You too".

Radio shack is getting an email about this debacle.
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Jun 01, 2009, 09:50 AM
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I love it when you ask for a specific item (plug,clip,etc) and they ask what it's for. Like it really matters.
Jun 01, 2009, 03:55 PM
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I went in one time looking for wire to rewire a motor and when I asked where, after I explained the type of wire I was looking for, the kid told you can't rewire motors I just have to buy a new one.

What really got me about this last particular visit was that not only did she not have a clue, was trying to tell me she was a 15 month professional radio shack/electronic wizzard, she was rude on top of everthing.

I really feel like going back there with a caliper and show her how to do it right but ya know what, it ain't my job, I could tell she wouldn't learn a thing, I know she really doesn't make much money and because of her arogance I will send an email with the specifics.

I was young and had some seriously nasty crappy jobs, I worked in a insulation warehouse as kid and I would hump a sheet load of crap into a guys truck/trailer for 20-40 minutes or for a freakin hour with of some of the most vial stuff known to man, yes asbestos was one of em or like 50 rolls of 75lb scrim, and the guy would watch me and then not even give me 5 bucks for a tip.

I was at home depot and gave the kid 2 bucks for for helping lift a screen door that weighed 10 lbs into the back of the SUV.

I know the value of hard work and I also know to keep your ears and mind open to learning and your mouth shut if someone obviously knows more than you, especially in her line of work...I mean 15 months of experience....w.t.f. is that?

Well at least I got a spankin deal on a couple of PS's. I think that first one was put there just for me...go figure.
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Jun 02, 2009, 01:08 PM
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I had the same thing happen to me last week at Radio Shack. I needed the connectors for hooking up the sealed lead-calcium battery for my flight box
power panel. I know what connectors I'm looking for as they are the same batteries used for security systems panel I used to install. I go in and she says can I help you, I said yes, where do you keep you connnectors. she's like what its for? I tell her...blank look, can you bring it in? No, just show me where your connectors are. She shows me and then I don't know if I need the 3/16 or the 1/4 size. I ask her if they had any of the sealed lead batteries and she says no, all we have are these...6v lattern batteries! right next to them are 12v 4.5Ah sealed lead-calcium batteries. I said that's one right there. She says oh no, that's not it that's a rechargable battery! I just laugh and ask if I can open the box to size up the connector. I then pay the $2.29 for the pack of connectors in cash and she starts asking me about mey zip code and Email address! I said look you don't need any of that info, i'm paying cash. She said they need it for mailing purposes, I said no, if you don't take my money I ll go somewhere else. I paid and left. What a pain in the ARSE for just a couple of connectors. I remember when I was little the people at RS knew what they were doing , now......?


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