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Jul 24, 2001, 02:53 PM
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Ripmax Xtreme Lite on Endo?

I'm looking for a medium size (read '40') sport/aerobatic ship to fly on 8-10 cells and came across this model new out this year

What do you Endo experts think to running this on either 8 or 10 cells? What sort of gearing do you think it would need?

Thanks for any hints and tips on this.

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Jul 24, 2001, 05:38 PM
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Hi Grant,

I wondered about this plane. Ripmax quote a flying weight of about 2kg (4.5 lbs) with IC. So probably a bit more with batteries in it. I reckoned it looked more like a 14-16 cell job (not that I've ever flown such a thing). Depends of course of the performance that you want.
I've been looking for something to try a geared endo/atomic force on, and thought that the limbo dancer (another ripmax artf) looked more like the right size/weight.
Having said that, in the latest issue of EFI (arrived this morning) there is an electric limbo conversion - using 16 cells and a MaxCim brushless!

Jul 25, 2001, 06:23 AM
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I saw that review of the Limbo Dancer too. Sounds fun but maybe a bit too overpowered on that brushless setup the reviewer used for me! It would seem possible for an endo, I'm trying to create something a bit lighter than a 16 cell ship as my as yet unflown Astro 25g with 16 cells feels sooo heavy for my rough flying field, I'm sure I'll loose my gear on any normal sport plane!
Jul 25, 2001, 06:41 AM
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how about the following model -
Hellcat Slim - intended for 600 geared motors in the first place. a geared Endo or Atomic Force should be more than enough...
Jul 25, 2001, 01:58 PM
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That's a bit small for what I was after. In he UK it's always a bit windy so I want something large enough not to get thrown around too much, hence a 540/05 powered model
Jul 25, 2001, 03:44 PM
AMA 697691 / FAA 13675

I think the geared Endo system on 10-cells would fly the Xtreme Lite 3D ok. You would get decent aerobatics but not enough power for 3D manuveurs. Using the 10T pinion on the $14 Great Planes GD-600, you can spin an APC 12x8 prop.

Usually, this compromise is acceptable...especially for such a low cost power system.

You can always dump more money into a better power system down the road.

Good luck!
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Jul 25, 2001, 06:01 PM
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Thanks for the comments on this. On reflection I think I'll go with Stuart on this and Try a Limbo Dancer first, Power to Weight should be a bit better and hopefully provide a more sparkling performance. Now...does anyone know where I can get a Great Planes GD-600 in the UK ???
Jul 26, 2001, 02:01 AM
Hey guys....I have one better! Its the new ModelTech Magic sold through Hobby People! Check it out:

I saw one fly with a .46 glow on only weighed 3.7 pounds and would fly vertical out of sight at 1/2 throttle! I crunched the numbers....with a Turbo 10+ motor and 10 cells, Im still at less than 4 pounds....with about 64 ounces of thrust from the Turbo 10 (Same power output as the Endo correct????), that should mean vertical! Will the Endo on 10 cells have more power than the turbo 10+ geared 6:1 turning a 12x8 prop on 10 cells with 64 ounces of thrust? My Motocalc is down =0(

Better yet...its only $99!! The quality is above average, and it sure is LIGHT! Problem is, you cant get any! My local HobbyPeople says I should have 2 this week...yes yes, one for a TT .46 glow, but other one will be for electric =0)

Looks like the Ripmax birds...and it comes from the UK (The design does....). Hm....

Jul 26, 2001, 09:30 AM
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Too late Jason - I've already bought the limbo! I've also got an Atomic Force, and Endo, and a MEC superbox with pinions for 6:1 and 5:1 (and 3 and a bit:1 on order). I'm going to try and get some props this afternoon so I can experiment to find the best set-up.

I don't believe Motocalc's thrust figures for the highly geared mad science motors. I managed to find combinations giving 80-90 ozs of thrust off 10 cells! I don't think life is that easy. I tried running combinations that GWRIGHT has posted results for through Motocalc, and I estimate that I need to subtract 20-25% from its quoted static thrust figure to get back to reality. So I reckon if you want 60oz thrust, you'll need motocalc to quote nearly 80oz.

You asked if the endo gives better thrust than the turbo 10+. I tried to work this out before buying either, and kind of decided that the atomic force/endo was probably better. But I knew what answer I wanted in advance because a LHS sells the mad science motors, so I was going to buy them anyway just for the convenience.

Grant: BTW, if you haven't already bought the limbo, Slough Radio Control sell them for 90, which is 10 less than Ripmax list price. You might get better elsewhere - I didn't shop around.

Jul 26, 2001, 10:58 AM
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Herky-Bird's Avatar
Thanks for the heads up on the price at Slough, I've actually got one of the old Balsacraft kit versions of this model put aside a shop near where I work in Kingston for a meare 45, should let me do the mods needed for electric easier I hope. I'll be interested to know how you get on with the ARTF though. You can't live far from me, where do you fly? Also, where did you get the Endo and Gearbox, I'm trying to source them myself now?
Jul 28, 2001, 08:39 AM
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Hi Grant & Stuart
You guys must be close by - where do you fly ?

I got a pass for windsor great park ( waiting list is down to about a year) .. its a nice site .. but far too few electrics !!

I'm too interested in converting a 3D ic job & will watch this space with interest.

I've got a mecT10+ & graupner 6:1 gear 18) giving about500+ watts out of 12 1250's on a 12x10 apc patern prop - proped for speed befor thrust. Also got an endo & ripmax centre line gear on order (about 25 each) - motocalc says similar output - who needs brushless ?


Jul 28, 2001, 09:08 AM
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Grant: that wouldn't be the model shop just past Tolworth would it? I was in there today but it's name has completely escaped me ('someone' Charles Models?).
I fly at Chobham Common and Hanworth. Where do you fly?

Jul 29, 2001, 12:55 AM
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Hi Mark+Barny,

Grant and I had been continuing this by e-mail...
We've both bought Limbos (mine ARTF, his kit). I've got an Atomic Force (or Endo) on a MEC superbox at 6:1 (or 5:1), with 10 cells. Grant is doing something very similar.

I fly at Pinkneys Green (National Trust land at Maidenhead - not a club and electric only ). I've also now joined the High Wycombe club that flies at 'Hard to Find Farm' (it's really called that!) near Flackwell Heath. So I'll probably be flying more there from now on. I also slope at Winter Hill & Coombe Hill.

Barny: I used to fly gliders at Chobham, way back when you could still fly over the monument side. I've wondered about flying there: but the ground looks a bit rough for landing electrics with no undercarriage - how do you get on? And is it club only now, or can anyone fly there?

Mark: I'm very cautious about Motocalc's numbers. If it's correct my Limbo will climb vertically on less than full throttle. Hmmm - nice thought , but probably not.

Jul 29, 2001, 07:45 AM
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Hi All,

Good to see so many electric flyers around our are on this forum! I'm going to try and go for an ultra light version following Gary Wright's lead with his E3D and try and power the Limbo off only 8x2400, we'll see, Imay end up with 10 cells but I try and stick to 8 cell packs if I can.

Mark: I fly at Thames Valey Silent Fliers (TVSF) who have access to a flat farmers field near Bracknell and also agreed access to slopes at Watership Down and Beacon Hill mainly. That being said, I'm very interested in the Pinkneys Green site Stuart mentions if it allows ROG as our site doesn't. (Stuart could you let em have more info please such as where it is and any requirements for flyinf there...thanks)

Barny: Yup, that's the shop, It's called Mick Charles Models, the flying expert in there, Dave, is very good, he does a lot of electric himself and is very helpful, he just doesn't follow the E-Zone so doesn't know our secret weapon, the endo!

Jul 29, 2001, 05:30 PM
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Originally posted by Grant Smith:
That being said, I'm very interested in the Pinkneys Green site Stuart mentions if it allows ROG as our site doesn't. (Stuart could you let em have more info please such as where it is and any requirements for flyinf there...thanks)
Hi Grant,
Pinkneys Green is at the Western end of Maidenhead just NE of J2 (?) of the A404M. People usually fly at the SW end of the northern of the 2 fields that are called Pinkneys Green. There is no club, or any requisites to fly there. There are maybe a dozen semi-regular fliers, plus plenty of (total!) beginners who turn up and try to fly.

The field has one major problem:
It is only 1-1.5 miles from the Maidenhead (power) club site; which is officially too close. However, PG has been in use for 20-30 years (in fact since long before the Maidenhead club acquired their site) and there have been no problems. This is probably because there doesn't appear to be LOS between the fields. Anyway: you have been warned.

Other than that it is an excellent field for electrics: I would guess nearly 1000m*600m (not actually square), with essentially no obstructions/trees except very near the edges. During the summer the grass is allowed to grow, and is harvested by the national trust (done last week). IC planes are not allowed there. There are people walking dogs on the field - beware of dogs trampling on your planes!

For ROG: there is no cut strip, but the grass is currently 1" long - so a plane with decent power should roll off. There are also several paths which are trampled flat, which should allow nearly anything to ROG. None of my planes have undercarriage, so I haven't tried it yet. Hopefully by next weekend (or sooner) I'll be able to test this with the limbo.

Hmmm: this post is getting long. If anyone wants more info on Pinkneys Green, email or phone me (07941072154).


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