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May 25, 2009, 07:40 PM
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OnBoard pyrotechnics

Setting of the pyrotechnics on the radio-navigated models adds vividness to the demonstrative show and allows obtaining extra points for use of special effects at the competitions. The staged battles of the models over the water (execution of the program over the water is more safe) or imitation of real machinery in the cinema look colorful. These activities are quite dangerous; thus, I insistently recommend attending the safety engineering courses, held by the firemen.
Usually the modelers desire to let the smoke out of the model. But, as a matter of fact, practically no pyrotechnics, which cannot be screwed to the model, exists. The most important thing is that afterwards it would not cost you your head . Furthermore, it should be noted that the pyrotechnics is divided into the professional pyrotechnics and the amateurish pyrotechnics. The professional pyrotechnics is correspondingly acquired from pyrotechnicians. Simply you must search for the companies, which offer their services in arranging the festal salutes, and try to find common language with them. For example, a reasonable price of the smoke-box, weighing approximately 100 grams, is 10 dollars. Generally speaking, the price 10-20 dollars - is an average price of one occupational volley or of the effect, weighing totally approximately 100-200 grams. The ordinary festive pyrotechnics costs much cheaper. The pyrotechnics differs from the point of view of the quality of its production and safety; besides, the electric fuse is usually installed in the professional pyrotechnics. It is easier to obtain the amateurish pyrotechnics, but it will cause more fuss. Firstly, the electric fuses, which are sold in the same places, where the professional pyrotechnics is sold, will be necessary; the usual price is one dollar per piece. One may produce fuses self-dependently. Secondly, there are many superfluous components in such pyrotechnics. It means that, if you spoil “accidentally” the outward casing, you will see much space, superfluous cardboard and the charge of quite small dimensions. If you buy the amateurish pyrotechnics, try to assess its weight and the center of gravity so as to understand where and in which quantity the charge is contained in it. If you acquire the professional pyrotechnics, the seller may consult you; however, if you buy the amateurish pyrotechnics, read the description attentively (the conditions of use, the safe distance). Compare the indicated requirements, raised towards safety, with the possible conditions of launching.
(3 min 49 sec)

ways of ignition
The electric current should be supplied for activation of the electric fuse. The mechanical closing of the electric circuit, implying use of the standard servo or use of the speed controller, meant for the electric motor, when the electric igniter is connected instead of the motor, serve as the universal solutions for supply of feeding, meant for certain equipment, installed on the board of the model. Absence of protection against accidental operation is the main drawback of these methods. If interference occur in the radio-channel or in the electric circuit, then spontaneous launching of the pyrotechnics is possible. Another drawback is the possibility to deprive the model of the board feeding, if the short circuit occurs in the circuit of the electric igniter. The short circuit in the igniter usually occurs through the burnt insulation of the wire. Application of the special device FireStarter is a professional solution. The device allows managing of six fuses along one control channel.
(2 min 12 sec)

Mounting of the pyrotechnics
So as to install an electric fuse into the amateurish pyrotechnics, it is necessary to extract the slow-match from it and to insert the fuse into the same canal. If it is impossible to do so, then the slow-match is shortened and the fuse is tied to the open end of the slow-match. The black powder may pour out while extracting the slow-match; it is the gunpowder. The black smoky gunpowder is resistant to blows and rubbing, however, it blazes up from the open fire. Blazing of the gunpowder up may set the slow-matches on fire, positioned near the charges. Remove such gunpowder with the help of the wet flannel. Do not keep the other pyrotechnics nearby. I hope that you have already bought the fire-extinguisher. While assembling the pyrotechnics and its fastening elements, use the materials, which will not turn into the splinters in case of blowing up. Use the wood “balsa” and the sticky paper tape (from the building department, meant for house-painters). The wire may be used only for fastening of the pyrotechnics, which discharges a huge amount of heat, i.e. smoke-boxes, fountains, fiery-falls and torches. While projecting the fastening devices, do not forget about the jet power. Prior to setting the new type of the pyrotechnics, test it without the model, evaluate the heat-discharge and the angle of dashing of the particles out. The surface of the model may be protected against small sparks with the help of the sticky aluminum foil, which is used for isolation of the air shafts of the ventilation. The hot pyrotechnics should be fixed with the seal, made out of balsa. The pyrotechnics with extremely high temperature should not be used at all, for example – the fiery-falls with thermite (the temperature of burning, exceeding 2400 degrees).
(3 min 7 sec)

rpoduction of electric matches

Safety and laws
About the possibility of usage of the models, aimed at causing detriment.

According to any legislation, dangerous activities always used to be prohibited. Any person can purchase the festal salute; however, a severe punishment may be imposed for shooting at the windows.
It is not real to employ the model as a bomber; simply a person will fail to hit the objective, but the latter will be detained for dangerous activities. The variant “kamikaze” is possible, if to navigate the model according to the image in the board video-camera, but the distance is short, the equipment is bulky, it flies slowly, the preliminary preparation takes long time and a very small number of people are able to fly (the probability of success is low, whereas the circle of the suspected people is narrow). The real firearms may be acquired for the same price, whereas the state itself has trained each man, called up for military service, how to handle them. An air-craft model may get, of course, into the farmstead, but the grenade-gun is simpler, cheaper and safer.
The actual danger is contained in inadvertent activities, implying the unskillful and careless navigation.

Incidents while using onboard pyrotechnics
A helicopter with the installed thermite flame-falls is reflected in the present video view. The temperature of burning of the thermit is 2500 degrees. Drops of the fused metal fall down and set the grass on fire. 20 people participated in extinguishing.
(0 min 44 sec)

The ship, equipped with the petrol engine; the mass is 6,5 kg. The pyrotechnics is the fountain, having the mass of 0,6 kg. The engine stalled through absence of oxygen inside the body after the explosion. The outward appearance of the ship suffered to a certain extent, however, its electronics and mechanics remained safe.
(1 min 4 sec)

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May 27, 2009, 11:03 AM
Grumpa Tom
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Oh, my, God!!!!!

That is sooooo freakin' AWESOME!!!

Well done!
May 27, 2009, 11:24 AM
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Wow...great videos! do you find this stuff?
Jul 02, 2009, 11:50 AM
Is life for real?
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Brilliant, excellent, what a show Great marketing movies Dude! Boo
Jun 28, 2010, 12:20 AM
Rather be flyin
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Those videos are just awesome!
Dec 28, 2014, 07:32 AM
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Where is this available for purchase?
Dec 29, 2014, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by jhas
Where is this available for purchase?
Aug 30, 2016, 03:32 PM
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Pyro-drone, fireworks on quadrocopter (3 min 51 sec)

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