Bored w/ Pico Jet : Need home for Kontronik 400/22 - RC Groups
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Aug 06, 2001, 05:19 PM
small electrics r BIG FUN

Bored w/ Pico Jet : Need home for Kontronik 400/22

The p jet is fun, but I and my brushless want to move on and up. I would appreciate suggestions for a sport plane for intermediate/advanced flying skills and beginner/intermediate building skills. Runway access is basicly out of the question. I already have:

P jet
Zagi 400
K + A Rebel (in box)
S + B ME 163 Komet
Simple 400

Thanks for your consideration. Al
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Aug 06, 2001, 06:54 PM
Visitor from Reality
If blasting around now leaves you cold, sounds like you need to move onto aerobatics.

Aerobatics - the real fun ones anyway - need a good rudder as well as ailerons and elevator.

That makes the Twister, P jet amd Komet all in one class - the one you want out of. The Zagi has delusions of being fast, but is a very sloppy aerobatic ride - it's real good at crashing though

Not sure about the Rebel, but if it has a rudder, it's probably a more modern and potent ride than the Simple 400. That's a neat little model but might be too slow for you.

If you find a need to buy more planes , look at the current rash of Extra types - with their midwings, you can leave the gear off and handtoss them just fine. Bellyflopping seldom hurts a little model, unless you have barely hidden rocks under your site grass. DAW, or K&A maybe?
Aug 06, 2001, 09:06 PM
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Andy W's Avatar
I'd be curious to know of a really capable small aerobatic ship that would fly well on a 400/22, also.. I'm thinking of trying mine in my X250..
Aug 06, 2001, 09:48 PM
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Clayton's Avatar
Andy- Please post the results. I am thinking of the x-250 and I have a 400-22. How many cells? what size prop?
Aug 06, 2001, 10:32 PM
Registered User
I have tried this combo myself. I used the BL400-22 with 8x1250SCR's, and a 7.5x4 Graupner folder. This combo was a lot of fun to fly, but speed was quite high for the airframe it seemed. I have used the geared version of this motor to better effect on the X250, with much better vertical and only a small reduction in speed.

Aug 06, 2001, 10:40 PM
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Andy W's Avatar
I was thinking the 6.5x4 I have on my Zagi, with 8xCP1300.. 10x500AR=6.3oz, 8xCP1300=8.8oz, so a little heavier, but with more speed. However, the X doesn't need lots of speed, so I was thinking of a larger, lower pitch prop. Even contemplated an 8x4 on 7 cells.. need to test..
Aug 07, 2001, 02:41 AM
EDF Head
Haldor's Avatar
How about <a href="">this</a> one ?

I have been considering this one for my FUN400-23,7x4prop,8CP1300's. Opted for a 1/12 P-51 instead as I already had the plans.