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May 24, 2009, 07:27 PM
I'm going flying..........
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"The Power System Corner" -INDEX- w/Lucien Miller on AllThingsThatFly&InsideHeli

AllThingsThatFly and InsideHeli podcast are great podcasts, The originals in my opinion.
I find it...
1. Very entertaining. Like setting at the field w/the guys and just BSing about RC.
2. Very informative. Great to hear others comments on products and experiences.
3. A resource. If you know nothing about RC flying and just listened to every episode you could gain A pretty good knowledge of RC flight.

One of these resources is "The Power System Corner" sponsored & hosted by Lucien Miller of the US dist. for SCORPION Products.

I have found myself wanting to go back and listen to specific questions & answers but have had a hard time finding them. SO..... This will be the -INDEX-

This is in no way an attempt to cut out the hard work that the Host's(Jamie, Chris, Diggs & James) put into each episode. You would be missing alot if you skipped the full episodes and jumped around.

THE -INDEX- I am going back and listening to all episodes and pulling out the episode # and the time stamp of the questions and will form this index as a resource for myself and others, If you don't want it, don't look. All comments and suggestions will be accepted. IE; If you have better/different verbage to describe the question being addressed, that would help other understand what is being asked, please post and I'll ad/change the list. This will be a work in progress, and will be updated/added to.
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May 24, 2009, 07:28 PM
I'm going flying..........
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Introduction of the PSC by Lucien......

Originally Posted by Innov8tive
Hello again everyone,

I am sure that many of you listen to the great shows on the All Things That Fly website. There are two different segments each week, Inside Heli and ATTF. Inside Heli, as the name would imply, is dedicated to discussion of helicopters and helicopter products. The ATTF show is primarily focused on fixed wing aircraft, and hobby related topics in general. Their website can be found at .

Starting tonight, Innov8tive Designs will be sponsoring a new segment on the show called "The Power System Corner". This will be a short section of the show, around 5 minutes or so in length, that will be dedicated to answering questions about Electric Power Systems in aircraft and helicopters. This new segment will be a part of every show from now on, and I will be fielding questions that are submitted on the show site by viewers. I will be answering the Helicopter related questions on the Inside Heli show, and General Power System questions and those dealing with airplanes on the ATTF show.

Tonight we will be recording the first segment for the ATTF show, which should be Episode #70. Innov8tive Designs will be providing prizes to the submitter of each question used on the air, and we will also be providing some nice Motor and ESC combos for the monthly raffle prize on the show. If you have a question that you would like to have answered live on the air, then please submit them to the guys over at All Things That Fly.

For those of you that are regular listeners of the show, you may have heard the interview that I did back in June this year, where we discussed my trip to the Scorpion Factory. If you missed this show, you can find it at Inside Heli Episode #24. I put together a 5-page website with all of the photos that go along with the show as we discuss the various topics during the interview. A link to this page is provide in the show notes, just below the show description.

Both the Inside Heli and the ATTF shows are great to listen to, and every episode has a bunch of good information, so be sure to stop by and check it out. Each of the shows can be listened to on the web, and for those of you with MP3 players, each show is available as a PodCast. You can subscribe to the show and download all the new episodes to your I-pod and take them with you to listen while you work, or why you drive in the car.

I am really excited about our involvement with the show, and hope that you all can listen in and get some good information!

See you all later!

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May 24, 2009, 07:28 PM
I'm going flying..........
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Thread OP
To scroll through all episodes on one page.

ATTF#71 at 44:15 Motor timing?
ATTF#71 at 51:00 What are PWM settings?
ATTF#71 at 55:00 AMP ratings of ESC/system at partial throttle?
INHE#39 at 6:50 Cell counts for Scorpion motors? & Do motors produce more power at higher voltages?
INHE#39 at 6:50 Advantages of higher cell count systems. How does amp+wat rating of motors factor into motor choice.
INHE#39 at 14:20 What voltage to run a system at? Also Limits of a Motor.
ATTF#73 at 50:27 Basic differences of inrunner vs outrunner?
PSC12/08at 0:00 Pros and Cons of BEC's, linear/switching, internal/external?
ATTF#74 at 28:00 How to pick prop pitch for speed?
INHE#42 at 36:25 A123 & motor kV, when do you change motor kV vs regearing/reproping?
ATTF#76 at 44:33 Prop choices for Electric motors.
ATTF#76 at 52:00 Electric power system jargin "static thrust" & "prop's unloading"
ATTF#76 at 1.00:00 Importance of balancing props and techniques.
INHE#44 at 10:00 Setting up for peak efficiency & power.
INHE#44 at 12.30 Using Scorpion Calc for heli's.
ATTF#79 at 20:58 Paralleling BEC's in a twin set-up.
ATTF#79 at 24:38 Dual brushless motors on a single ESC?
ATTF#79 at 28:35 Difference of star and delta motor winds?
ATTF#79 at 34:40 Efficiency of different types of motors?
ATTF#79 at 43:00 Is a motors kV a constant?
ATTF#79 at 52.08 Can you rewind a brushed motor?
ATTF#79 at 53.35 Glow to Elec conversion guidelines.
ATTF#82 at 40:00 Features of new SII Scorpion 30mm motors.
ATTF#82 at 42:40 What happens when prop is installed backwards?
ATTF#82 at 46:41 12v power source for charging?
ATTF#82 at 46:41 Modding PC power supply.
ATTF#82 at 55:30 Hot wire foam cutting?
ATTF#82 at 58:55 Highend 12v power source.
ATTF#82 at 1:03:21 Auto Cig lighter socket charging?
ATTF#83 at 55:00 How to decide what voltage/cell count when planing power system?
ATTF#83 at 59:05 "C" ratings of LiPo's explained?
ATTF#83 at 1:07:55 LiPo's and cold temperatures.
INHE#48 at 45:40 Is there a point when increasing system voltage is not prudent?
INHE#48 at 51:56 As motor kV drops, does motor power rating go up?
ATTF#84 at 50:40 Do the larger out-runner motors have any gyroscopic effect?
ATTF#84 at 53:39 Can you use endpoints to control/limit full throttle?
ATTF#84 at 57:09 How does running a gear box effect power system requirements?
ATTF#84 at 1:00:44 Does throttle trim effect power output?
ATTF#84 at 1:04:57 Trimming throttle for flight & ESC brake settings.
ATTF#85 at 24:14 Power system wiring adapters & wire gauge/temps.
ATTF#85 at 31:31 Wiring system needs.
ATTF#85 at 45:15 Length of wires from motor-ESC-battery.
ATTF#85 at 58:34 Can you solder motor wires to ESC board?
INHE#51 at 24:17 How do you determine a motors kV?
ATTF#89 at 53:34 My motor does not freewheel when attached to a unpowered ESC?
ATTF#89 at 57:59 What if your motor leads touch/short?
ATTF#89 at 59:33 Pros/Cons of using bullet connections from motor to ESC?
ATTF#89 at 1:06:09 How do you compare 3 or 4 blade props to 2 blade props. Do 1 blade props exist?
ATTF#89 at 1:11:34 Switching from Star to Delta in flight.
ATTF#89 at 1:15:09 Overview of motor magnets, limits and cooling.
ATTF#98 at 46:15 Servo loads on a BEC. Interaction of servos, ESC, Rx, Etc.
ATTF#100 at 39:37 Analog vs. Digital servos of the same specs?
ATTF#100 at 45:05 What part of a power system do you pick first?
ATTF#100 at 1:06:30 Bullet connection tips.
Attf#100 at 1:12:20 Do you really need a high quality motor w/smaller models? IE, superfly or slowstick
ATTF#100 at 1:24:52 Scorpion Heli edition Speed controllers?
ATTF#100 at 1:39:30 How to spot and prevent cold solder joints. Bullet and Deans solder tips. Crimp vs Solder?
ATTF#102 at 1:14:20 At what point do you switch to stand alone Rx power Vs Esc mounted BEC?
ATTF#102 at 1:26:50 What does battery cell resistance mean?
INHE#64 at 3:25 Running unregulated 2cell 7.4vLiPo as Rx power and the effects on non-HV(high voltage) servos.
ATTF#104 at 51:26 Why do motors of same physical size have different max continuous current specs w/different kV?
ATTF#104 at 1:00:03 Can you run more than 1 BEC circuit into a Rx? IE; twin motor set-up.
ATTF#104 at 1:04:24 Why can't you run 1 brushless ESC to 2 brushless motors?
ATTF#107 at 37:50 Digital vs Analog servos? Why do Gyros have a Digital/Analog switch and Rx's don't?
ATTF#107 at 52:17 Multiplex, Himax power combos?
ATTF#110 at 38:00 LiPo's in Tx?
ATTF#110 at 1:09:50 LiPo's C ratings and their size and weight?
ATTF#112 at 52:08 Connector power ratings?
ATTF#112 at 1:04:00 ESC set to brake off, in a vertical dive motor gets hot?
ATTF#113 at 54:00 Motor won't start, just quivers back and forth. W/more soldier tips.
ATTF#114 at 33:20 Motor timing settings in ESC?
ATTF#114 at 45:26 Multi brushless motors on 1 ESC.
ATTF#114 at 47:24 What makes the sound at arming or Music.
ATTF#114 at 50:08 Electric power generation off IC engine.
ATTF#115 at 1:05:56 NiCd+NiMH, charging of transmitter packs w/stock wall wart charger.
ATTF#115 at 1:08:00 How does a charger get the "Auto Detection" current right?
ATTF#115 at 1:10:40 Restoring LiPo packs that have been discharged below 3v per cell.
ATTF#115 at 1:14:40 Can a brushless ESC be damaged w/a short 2 second "stall" or stopped motor?
ATTF#115 at 1:21:18 Unbalanced cells and charging threw the balance port.
ATTF#116 at 34:50 Rx glitch, failsafe and antenna aiming.
ATTF#116 at 44:38 Brushless motor cogging.
ATTF#116 at 52:25 Power supply and charger ratings.
ATTF#116 at 59:34 Charging threw balancing taps, revisited.
ATTF#116 at 1:06:48 Maiden flight failure after throw bench inspections.
ATTF#117 at 1:18:02 Like RC cars why do we not use plastic shells on our LiPos?
ATTF#117 at 1:20:12 Pusher vs Tractor props, power, efficiency, etc
ATTF#117 at 1:27:45 How long does a brushless motor last?
ATTF#117 at 1:33:16 A way to test solder joints? More Deans/general solder tips.
ATTF#118 at 41:37 Can packs of differing Mah capacity be used in parallel.
ATTF#118 at 45:45 Mixing and matching LiPos. What can and can't be done.
ATTF#118 at 49:47 Long explanation of motor Kv.
ATTF#119 at 34:25 Electric conversation tips for bigger models.
ATTF#119 at 40:38 2 or 4 phase brushless motors for RC use?
ATTF#119 at 45:41 Can you put a circuit breaker/fuse in a power system.
ATTF#119 at 54:17 Sizing ESC to motor/prop combo.
ATTF#119 at 58:25 Changing prop hub width on a folding prop set-up.
ATTF#119 at 1:01:30 Power system accidentally left on for extended period of time.
ATTF#121 at 54:36 Can I rate/test my LiPo Mah Capacity.
ATTF#121 at 56:56 Dual brushless motors start-up at different times?
ATTF#121 at 1:01:55 What determines a motors Kv?
ATTF#121 at 1:04:20 Is there a weight to power output measurement for a motor?
ATTF#122 at 35:14 What type of solder to use?
ATTF#122 at 42:19 How does a ESC soft start work.
ATTF#122 at 45:38 Setting up a "Idle-up" on electric power system.
ATTF#122 at 49:59 How to store LiPo's.
ATTF#122 at 54:54 Using slightly puffed LiPo cells.
ATTF#122 at 57:40 Using 3cell LiPo in Tx in place of 8 alkaline batteries.
ATTF#122 at 1:05:08 3 blade props?
ATTF#125 at 46:20 Will adding a capacitor to a 2.4Rx prevent "Brown-Out"?
ATTF#125 at 49:42 External BEC's? When to use them. And control surface to servo rating, quick guide.
ATTF#125 at 54:10 Compensation for flying from high altitude.
ATTF#129 at 55:40 Why does the loss of a phase in a BL motor cause it to "Jam-up"?
ATTF#129 at 1:00:38 LithiumPhosphate (LiFeP04) or A123 cells and radio gear at 6.6v?
ATTF#129 at 1:05:16 Running dual switching BEC's?
ATTF#130 at 55:50 Rx battery sizes and ratings?
ATTF#130 at 59:59 Glider Rx batteries?
ATTF#130 at 1:04:59 Going to a higher "C" rated LiPo battery?
ATTF#130 at 1:21:38 Relationship of measured system watts and thrust?
ATTF#131 at 1:26:33 Digital vs Analog servos?
ATTF#132 at 1:25:53 Are EDF's of the same size/group the same?
ATTF#132 at 1:29:29 How do you choose a EDF fan?
ATTF#132 at 1:30:49 Static + Dynamic thrust of a EDF system.
ATTF#136 at 45:25 90 size heli, digital servos w/external 10 amp BEC.
ATTF#136 at 49:05 Mixing brushed and brushless ESC on on battery. IE Night light set-ups.
ATTF#136 at 58:01 Scorpion motor kit, winding your own motors?
ATTF#137 at 1:31:43 Is motor cogging a indicator of efficiency?
ATTF#137 at 1:37:42 Why are LiPo charge and discharge rates so different?
ATTF#138 at 16:14 Amp draw from brake-on?
ATTF#138 at 18:47 Attributes of a good vs cheap ESC?
ATTF#138 at 23:45 Differences in style/types of props.
ATTF#139 at 1:24:20 What is motor Kv?
ATTF#139 at 1:25:25 Thrust ratios vs. system watts?
ATTF#139 at 1:28:18 How is thrust measured?
ATTF#139 at 1:29:43 How is power system wattage measured?
ATTF#140 at 1:03:32 HV Anti-spark devise.
ATTF#140 at 1:13:33 Sensored Brushless motors for planes/heli's?
ATTF#140 at 1:25:33 Challenge of getting higher C ratings from LiPo's?
ATTF#141 at 1:16:44 Crash damage to outrunners, Low quality vs High quality?
ATTF#141 at 1:21:26 Heli tail "Kick-out" on initial spool-up?
ATTF#141 at 1:25:30 What determines a LiPo packs charge C rating?
ATTF#142 at 57:26 Charging Tx batteries?
ATTF#142 at 1:26:59 Internal resistance of LiPo batteries.
ATTF#142 at 1:33:22 Poor quality LiPo's and possible ESC damage. Ripple current and Capacitors.
ATTF#143 at 1:24:57 Translating power system bench testing to actual flight performance.
ATTF#144 at 53:15 C ratings of modern LiPo's and nominal voltage to test/calculate at.
ATTF#144 at 1:05:37 Series or Parallel battery connections?
ATTF#147 at 1:09:40 Use of inline fuses, Motor to ESC or Bat to ESC.
ATTF#147 at 1:17:10 Can you measure a props pitch?
ATTF#148 at 53:11 Planning motor Kv vs. cell count/system voltage. High volts or High Kv.
ATTF#148 at 1:03:55 Quality of voltage supplied from BEC's.
ATTF#148 at 1:07:30 Limiting throttle end point to limit amps?
ATTF#148 at 1:16:23 Servo leads running parallel to power system wires.
ATTF#148 at 1:22:40 Ferrite rings on ESC signal leads, Why?
ATTF#148 at 1:28:15 For the same heli head speed,
low Kv w/high gearing VS high Kv w/low gearing.
ATTF#150 at 1:18:12 ESC to Motor wire length differences in a brushless power system.
ATTF#150 at 1:19:52 Speed at which electricity flows?
ATTF#150 at 1:21:30 How components and wiring are rated, Amp limits, Volt limits, Watt limits.
ATTF#150 at 1:27:18 Do my LiPo's need to cool to ambient temp before recharging.
ATTF#154 at 58:52 LiPo disposal?
ATTF#154 at 1:02:48 BEC or separate Rx batt?
ATTF#154 at 1:07:45 Life span of brushless motors?
ATTF#154 at 1:09:40 Brushless motor bell housing failure on plastic (multiplex) motor mounts?
ATTF #157 at 1:45:40 Using a 4.8v 4 cell NiCd pack as a Rx back-up in addition to the ESC BEC?
ATTF #158 at 1:06:11 What is the "mAh" rating of LiPo packs, total capacity or useful capacity?
ATTF #158 at 1:09:13 Trimming props?
ATTF #158 at 1:14:18 Large elec models, Nitro or Elec props?
ATTF#159 at 53:45 Parallel charging LiPo's of different voltages.
ATTF#159 at 58:00 Offering help to "Hazardous" pilots. "What's tactical" "Bleep Weeds"
ATTF#159 at 1:06:40 Belt driven Heli static build-up and discharge.
ATTF#159 at 1:12:40 Can we trust and use the new LiPo 5c charge rates?
ATTF#161 at 56:04 Does a LiPo charger deliver set current to each cell or threw all cells.
ATTF#161 at 58:42 Low voltage alarms/warnings. continued at 1:06:46
ATTF#161 at 1:04:40 10c-4400mah vs 20c-2200mah others then weight are they the same?
ATTF#161 at 1:16:38 Anderson PowerPoles?
ATTF#162 at 1:18:30 Cells in a pack charging up at different rates?
ATTF#164 at 1:01:30 Full voltage cell charging reply.
ATTF#164 at 1:04:44 When to move from linear to switching BEC's?
ATTF#164 at 1:23:28 On-board switching BEC's in ESC's.
ATTF#164 at 1:30:30 Calculating power system run times?
ATTF#165 at 1:01:10 Throttle lock/hold and it's effect on ESC arming?
ATTF#165 at 1:13:36 Do ESC's try to correct motor rpm to compensate for load.
ATTF#165 at 1:16:45 Difference of running 2cell vs 3cell (same Mah) threw BEC as Rx power.
ATTF#165 at 1:20:30 Getting a new charger info.
ATTF#167 at 1:59:33 Pusher vs. Tractor props on electric power system.
ATTF#167 at 1:01:50 Quad rotor power/motor system calculations.
ATTF#168 at 1:18:45 Using brushed ESC to control lighting.
ATTF#168 at 1:22:40 Running separate BEC's for each servo.
ATTF#169 at 1:18:45 Parallel charging different capacity and state of charge packs.
ATTF#169 at 1:27:20 Faulty cell when parallel charging?
ATTF#174 at 1:18:00 Glow to Electric prop comparison.
ATTF#174 at 1:21:55 ESC thinner wire to motor than from battery?
ATTF#175 at 1:17:49 On-board BEC's 101.
ATTF#175 at 1:21:18 Using dual BEC's Switching or Linear.
ATTF#175 at 1:33:17 Parallel charging LiPo packs?
ATTF#176 at 1:16:45 Using servo circuit to vary LED brightness.
ATTF#176 at 1:25:12 Luciens "Night light Torture"
ATTF#176 at 1:25:01 Motor and designation charts?? old version here
ATTF#178 at 56:30 3DHS 87"wing span power set-up or 50cc elec equivalent.
ATTF#178 at 1:00:36 Elec motor stutter/hiccup/backfire diagnosis and cause.
ATTF#179 at 1:00:53 Determining ESC rating if unknown?
ATTF#179 at 1:06:11 Nicad & LiPo pack heat when charging and when to recharge/cycles in a day...
ATTF#179 at 1:14:26 Will you harm a ESC w/onboard BEC if you apply/plug-in a seperate Rx pack?

How does he know all this????????
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May 24, 2009, 07:29 PM
I'm going flying..........
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Reserved, To be used if additional details need to be added at a later date.
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May 24, 2009, 08:40 PM
Doberman fan
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couple times i have wanted to go back and re listen to stuff that is way beyond my primitive mind's ability to understand. or i simply forgot. this will help a bunch
i pulled up 79 the other day for someone to listen about dual motors on a single esc. its at the 24:40 mark there are some others in that episode i.i.r.c. just remember that one specficially from the other day
May 24, 2009, 09:21 PM
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Someone made a nice compilation episode of all the PSC segments and they posted it on the ATTF site before SEFF. I've listened to it a couple of times while waiting to pick up my kids.
May 24, 2009, 09:34 PM
I'm going flying..........
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Yes but I do not believe it has all the content in it, Does it?
May 24, 2009, 11:32 PM
Not your average DiggsyBear
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Ah yeah. I am there when Lucien does the PSC and I am happy to see this. He has great info and has helped me a ton! Thanks for hooking us up with the index!

May 25, 2009, 08:27 AM
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i you have time make the data into links so people can dl the potcast straight away
May 25, 2009, 08:38 AM
I'm going flying..........
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Good idea, I will look into that.
May 25, 2009, 09:13 AM
Not your average DiggsyBear
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This link will allow you to scroll through ALL episodes on one page.

May 26, 2009, 07:54 AM
I'm going flying..........
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Thread OP
Thanks Diggs, I added that link to the index header.
May 28, 2009, 02:06 PM
I'm going flying..........
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Thread OP
I am shocked how much material the show/shows have covered in just over 2 years. The PSC's are just a small portion of the total content. I find myself searching for the PSC's and stopping to listen through the hole show instead. Awesome job guys, Thanks
May 28, 2009, 03:14 PM
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Thanks for this! I'm sorry you have to listen to us so much... He is sacrificing for YOU guys!
May 28, 2009, 06:46 PM
I'm going flying..........
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Thread OP
If I here Burkes voice in my head as I fall asleep tonight, I QUIT............

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