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May 16, 2009, 06:48 PM
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New Product

Airtronics SD-10G 2.4 GHz FHSS Radio

Airtronics will be releasing their long anticipated and awaited SD-10G 2.4 radio the end of this month.

You can pre-order your SD-10G here:

Airtronics SD-10G 2.4GHz 10ch Radio (TX/RX)
SD-10G 2.4Ghz 10 Channel Aircraft Radio Set for Sailplanes, Powerplanes, and Helicopters.

The SD-10G is an all-out, high performance radio designed to give every modeler, sport or competition pilot, a radio that is easy to use, powerful, flexible for any application, and yet very affordable. Airtronics has found success with this amazing radio.

The SD-10G includes the Transmitter, Receiver, Transmitter Battery, Charger, Switch-Harness, Servo Extension, and Manual.

Available aftermarket are servos, lithium transmitter battery, stick extension ends, trainer cord, memory expansion card, and USB computer interface program and patch cord.

If you're looking for a radio that does it all and yet is affordable for all, look no further. The SD-10G is the one to get.

The specs look very impresive:

SD-10G - 2.4Ghz FHSS 10Ch Radio Set (TX/RX - No SX)

Universal Features:

• 10 Channel Computer Radio With Advanced Programming for Competition Helicopters, Sailplanes, And Powered Aircraft.
• Compatible With All Airtronics 2.4GHz FHSS Aircraft Receivers
• System Includes 6-cell 1500mAh Ni-MH TX Battery And Charger
• Transmitter Is Compatible With Lithium 2 Cell Batteries
• Full Range 92104 10Ch 2.4GHz Receiver Included
• Ball Race Supported Gimbals With Adjustable Springs And Adjustable Throttle Ratchet
• Unique “Direct Model Select” Allows Selection of 3 Favored Models Without Entering the Computer
• Stick Mode 1, 2, 3, and 4 Are Available And Easily Selected By User (Default Is Mode 2)
• Telescoping Transmitter Antenna for Increased Range When Needed. Retractable for Storage And Park-Flier And Indoor Use
• 5 Complete Flight Modes (Helicopter, Sailplane, and Aircraft)
• Flight Modes Can Be Named
• 3-axis Triple Rates And Triple Expo With Unique Adjustment in Each Direction of Travel
• All Switches Are 3 Position Switches
• Proportional Side Sliders With Center Detent
• 100% Completely Assignable Switches
• 20 Model Memory with After-market Sanwa Card to Provide Memory for 20 Additional Models
• Model Setups Can Be Shared On-line and Firmware Updates Available On-line With Use of Airtronics USB Cable and Program (available separately)
• 5 P-Mixes with 9 Point Curves and Graphs
• Customizable Menu
• Simple Wing, Swash, And Model Templates For Easy Model Setup
• Easy Navigation, Spreadsheet-Like Menu For Control Surface/Swash Adjustments
• Complete Trim Authority And Sensitivity Adjustments and Cross Trims
• Easily Activated and Inhibited Inc/Dec Switch Allows The Pilot to Adjust Mixing Ratios In-Flight
• Failsafe Programming Available On All Channels
• Multi-Function Timer
• Advanced Trainer Functions (Trainer Only Available on SD-10G to SD-10G)

And some more:

Get The Advantage

The SD-10G was developed by Sanwa's best and brightest computer programmers in concert with the most experienced pilots from Sanwa Japan and Airtronics USA. From F3J World Champions to 3D Helicopter Experts, from AMA Hall-of-Famers to Pattern Nats Champs, the team who planned and put together the SD-10G for you are some of the most dedicated and experienced modelers in the world today. This competition-level radio will be just at home in the hands of a glider pilot as it is in the hands of a freestyle aerobatic champion. We've worked with pilots for more than an year to ensure every detail, every nuance was developed for the modeler, both sport and competitor.

You'll find the SD-10G is incredibly user-friendly and easy to setup, yet allows for flexibility not found even in radios at twice the price. Sport pilots will find their craft easy to setup. Advanced pilots will love the customizable features that truly make this radio unique. As modelers, we know performance is not free, but the Team at Airtronics worked hard to ensure the SD-10G offers both industry leading performance and value.

The SD-10G is fast. In our side-by-side tests, we found no other 9 or 10 channel radio to be faster. Airtronics puts you ahead of your aircraft and feeling incredibly connected. The Sanwa high-speed computer chip works together with its unique high performance 2.4GHz RF chip to ensure your inputs are translated at industry leading speed to the servos. Your servos will feel faster, the radio will respond quicker, and you'll wonder how you ever did without.
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May 16, 2009, 06:50 PM
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Murocflyer's Avatar
So who wants one and who already has one on order?

I know I am seriously thinking about getting one, even though my SD8000 is not very old at all.

And one more question. Do many pilots needs such a radio? Or is it just nice to have?

May 16, 2009, 06:57 PM
Registered User
I also have an RDS8000, and I love it, but for me, I need the SD-10G. I have to have it, it looks cool, and has a lot more features. The way it handles the swashplate on a heli will be much better than the RDS. That is the main reason I am upgrading, I only fly helicopters. I pre ordered mine as soon as it was up on the HobbyPeople website, so I should get one from the very first shipment, I can't wait to get it.
May 17, 2009, 08:40 AM
Why's the rum always gone?
longhair's Avatar
I've have one on order, did so when I got back from Toledo. Here is a link to the thread I started then.

I'm really going to miss my MPX EVO9, but am excited about getting this radio.
May 17, 2009, 08:50 AM
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Murocflyer's Avatar
Originally Posted by longhair
I've have one on order, did so when I got back from Toledo. Here is a link to the thread I started then.

I'm really going to miss my MPX EVO9, but am excited about getting this radio.
Thanks for the link. I missed that one on my search. Closing this one, moving to yours.


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