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May 03, 2009, 03:53 AM
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FX35 weight reduction and vibration issues

High time for an update on my blog!

I spend time reducing the weight of my FX35 and researching the vibration issues I still have.

Opening the camera is very simple, no hidden screws. I was inspired by this movie by Ygramul:
(2 min 7 sec)
Eliminating the screen is already a huge weight-saver. The buttons remain operational. I will need to use a AV RX/TX and a screen on the ground to have feedback.

The weight of the battery is about 20g. If I can power the camera from the flight-battery, i save weight an I no longer need to worry about charging the camera battery. The DC input is 5V, so you can just solder wires on the connector and power the camera from the servo 5V the MK generates.
The video signal is also simple to find. I use the same connector for my FX35 and my 5V FPV camera.

How can I get rid of the trigger servo? The trigger button has 6 pins. Some are ground, one detects half-press, one detects full-press. Just pulling the full-press to ground seems enough.
In theory, one could connect the full-press button to one of the open-collectors of the MK (the ones to drive leds). Because I suspect that this signal is going directly to the camera processor, I decided to introduce an optocoupler, a small relay will also work.
The weight of the camera is now 90g.

Some vibration sources where already eliminated but there are still too much vibrations in the footage. I compared different damping materials that isolate the camera from the MK:
(5 min 5 sec)

This movie also shows that there are as good as no vibrations when flying with the FPV camera. This made me thinking: perhaps the camera itself that is to blame, not the MK and camera-mount... I attached the FPV camera to the FX35 and compared the footage:
(1 min 6 sec)

Somebody claimed that this is caused by the optical image stabilisation. While it can be switched off, the lens can pickup vibrations and resonate.
When I look at footage from other people using the FX35 on a heli, one often can see comparable vibrations. The good news is that the vibrations can be filtered out in after-processing.
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Nov 29, 2009, 06:57 AM

fx30 as fpv

Hi friend

can i use the fx30 as fpv cam ?

the video out work when cam are recording ?

i have a fx9 but the video out nou work when recording.

nice blog.

Nov 29, 2009, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by agressiva
Hi friend

can i use the fx30 as fpv cam ?

the video out work when cam are recording ?

i have a fx9 but the video out nou work when recording.

nice blog.

In my case there is video out when it is recording, also in HD. However, this behaviour seems to be different for each model. In addition there have been reports that the video output does not work during recording, even for FX35. So there seems to be different firmware versions or different capabilities for different countries...

Another issue is that tends to be some delay on the video output making it a bit difficult to use it for FPV.

So, in general, I would use a separate small camera for FPV


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