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Nov 25, 2009, 01:42 AM
Magicsmoke maker
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New stock items being carried

I've added 3 new items to the NQRC store, one of which is specifically for the Diddlebugs and like, the other two are for the smaller parkflying kits from MM and or the EasyBox.

3.9g servo for Diddles,

1400kV CDR motor ,

Economy 15-18A BL ESC,
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Dec 07, 2009, 08:33 PM
Next time I'll ARTF...
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Hi Paul,

Order arrived... once again well packed - and lighting quick! Only placed it last Friday!

That CDR motor looks the ticket for the Easy Box... can't wait to see it in action.

Dec 10, 2009, 09:22 PM
Magicsmoke maker
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Been finding that my CDR motor is going well in the Mountain Models EZ-Cub, using a 7x6 GWS SF and a 3S850 pack it has more than enough zip. I do find the 2205 from GWS has more power again (will go vertical with great ease) but they're a lot more expensive than these CDR motors that's for sure!

Dec 14, 2009, 02:09 AM
Magicsmoke maker
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Spent two hours today installing an airconditioner into the workshop (Yes, amazing, I finally did it) and would you believe it... it doesn't cool. Seems like the gas has escaped or something because I can hear the compressor kick in but the air barely drops a degree or two. Getting an aircon service person at this time of the year is neigh impossible too.

Ah well, at least it still works as a fan.

Dec 16, 2009, 05:30 AM
Magicsmoke maker
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A Christmas roundup letter and a few thoughts

The internet is a strange medium, we can talk to people we've never met and at the same time find ourselves comfortable to express things that we rarely share with others around us.

I'd like to take the opportunity to say a few things here of which may seem a bit sombre but also hopefully will be a beacon of hope for others.

As most of you know, I've been rather 'absent' since about August and of those of you who know a few know that it's been due to "GAD" (Generalised Anxiety Disorder). Now, when you think of anxiety, you think "Okay, so you get anxious before a meeting or perhaps can't sleep the night before, but you get over it" and that's true, normally you get over it when the situation passes.

It all started for me a very long time ago (seems I was just always an anxious person) but more recently I went through a very tight spot financially which really pushed up the anxiety level. Following this I couldn't sleep more than about 2 hrs at a time for about 6 weeks. After this one night everything just went horribly wrong and I woke up at 3am a completely broken man huddled up in a ball undecided if I was throwing up, gasping for air or spasming.

What's so cruel about GAD (OCD and PTSS as well) is that it just won't stop, it keeps coming back at you over everything. I'm not a severe case, I can still go outside and be social, thus far I'm not crippled by agrophobia or OCD. In my case I've turned into a hypercondriac of sorts. If I get a random spot, bump, pain or such my mind races off to the worst possible scenario like the anxiety-accellerator is flat to the floor and the gearbox is in neutral, the brain just goes besserk and everything starts to hurt, a lot.

Anxiety in this case is a really cunning thing, no sooner have you finally sorted out one set of symptoms they'll go away and your mind will create a whole new set. For me, it went a bit like the following;

* Ringing in the ears, loss of balance, weak legs -=> must be a brain tumor :PANIC:
* Abdominal pains, everything unpredictable, poor appetite -> must be bowel cancer :PANIC:
* Lump under the skin -> TUMORS...
* Pain in the nether regions -> cancer!

As each one is finally resolved, the symptoms disappear, then as if it's some sort of cruel trick, within a few days a new set of pains/conditions pop up. It's as if the brain has nothing better to do than to come up with crazy new things to convince me I'm going to die (more on this later).

Through all of this it's been most trialling getting up in the mornings, the alarm goes off at 7am but I think even if there was a fire raging in the house I wouldn't have the strength to get out. By about 9am I manage to crawl to the bathroom, fearful of what things I'm going to discover wrong as my mind wakes up more. Usually by midday I'm fairly normal again and often find myself thinking "What was wrong with me this morning!".

All generally goes well until about sunset, then a new wave of fears come over, often because of the combined knowledge of knowing that the day is done and there's not much else I can do to tick off my "to do list" and also knowing that in this small town there's no real medical services to call on if needed (though I'm sure 000 would raise an ambulance).

After about 8pm I'm feeling normal again and don't mind watching a DVD... or two... or THREE, dreading going back to sleep knowing that when I wake up I'll be going through that awful morning cycle again.

Now, this all sounds incredibly silly and rather unpleasant, so what am I actually doing about it, here's a start;

1. Need more structure in my day (being your own boss has its issues!)
2. Need to eat more regular meals (6 a day or so, evenly spaced, don't let that blood-sugar level dive)
3. Add more fun things to do in my life (seriously, when you crash a plane and just don't care, you know you need a pickup!)
4. Expand the social life (The internet is fantastic but it's also important to have face to face contact with people other than your family)

All of this has come about because of a very simple reason, the brain gets very bored and lazy when it gets bored it starts getting up to tricks like this. The body stops getting enough 'happy chemicals' and things go down-hill (hence why people get put on SSRIs to perk them back up).

The doctors did try put me on some SSRI's but in the end every single recovered anxiety sufferer goes through the same real long-term fix and that is to do the above points. I couldn't handle the drugs, either psychologically or physiologically, so I'm content with having 3 cups of Chamomile tea each day... and that works nice. People on the drugs are aided in the sense that it gives them a reprieve from the awful feelings but the cost is that when they come off them they do go through a bit of an ugly phase of rebound-anxiety (but it's worth it in the end!).

I am recovering and it does take a time to restructure your life, helping me a lot is my wife (Elita) who is extremely busy getting her Fantasy-novel out to the world and a lot of people who have also lived through GAD.

You will have noticed that I've started posting more on RCG again, I've also started doing more new designs once more and the general tone is a bit more upbeat. I'm putting more effort into doing things during the day and teaching myself to let things genuinely slide off my back (though at times I am certainly at fault - however I can't afford to have it drag me down).

My electronics designs and NQRC are now quite well entrenched and I'm exporting to more and more resellers around the world. It's a lot of work (designing them is FUN!!! ) but it's great to be globally recognised for providing unique and needed solutions to the R/C world.

Many thanks to everyone and hope you all have a fantastic Christmas break!
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Dec 16, 2009, 09:51 PM
Magicsmoke maker
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Still waiting to get a proper flight on my Diddlebug... I put the receiver and the ESC too close together on the previous flight and copped quite a few hiccups as a result. I also am finding that I'm too tail heavy (hard to tell on a diddlebug with its high wing).
Dec 18, 2009, 02:02 AM
Twisted and Confused
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Originally Posted by pldaniels
The internet is a strange medium, we can talk to people we've never met and at the same time find ourselves comfortable to express things that we rarely share with others around us.


I'd like to take the opportunity to say a few things here of which may seem a bit sombre but also hopefully will be a beacon of hope for others.
I don't think that this is at all unusual, people (including myself) often unburden themselves to strangers and the 'net certainly helps this as it is very easy to speak out minds without the fear etc. of the face to face reactions. At the same time, we don't get that positive reaction from face to face interaction and while I'd hesitate to give either more value than the other ANY unburdening is certainly very positive. As the son of a psychologist, I somehow ended up inheriting his knack of getting people to talk (sometimes unwanted - I'm something of a introvert and reclusive ).

Although I've not spoken a great deal with you on RCG I have read some of your posts and I think that you are a generous, hardworking and very intelligent man and I really hope that you are able to overcome your demons and take your business to new heights.

Have a great holiday season

Dec 18, 2009, 03:26 AM
Magicsmoke maker
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Well, I'm pleased to report that the Diddlebug finally got a 5 minute flight in slightly turbulent air but it was still flyable. It flies very nicely, just sort of strolls in the air, very lovely Now, I really need to get up at 05H30 to catch a bit more dead-air time. The 2S280 pack barely gets used even if I run at 3/4 throttle.
Feb 18, 2010, 06:57 AM
winds light to variable
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DiddleRod madness

I received my DiddleRod early this week and wanted to get constructing straight away . . . we have an informal indoor gathering on Sunday and I thought I might get it ready in time for a first flight. But of course . . . as Robbie Burns knew all too well; "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley".

I had purchased some beautiful 000 grade tissue last December in anticipation of a traditional build. The DiddleRod presented an ideal opportunity. But as I gathered the materials I realised I had absolutely no idea where I had stored this treasured tissue. It wasn't in the box with all my covering materials. It wasn't in a hundred other places I searched with increasing desperation. I literally disassembled my workshop, office and studio as the frenetic madness escalated. I even emailed the shop where I purchased said tissue in case I had left it on the counter. What an embarrassing communication that was. Then I had a dream about hiding it in an inaccessible bone dry cave in a desert - and awoke this morn in a surreal sweaty state.

Tonight, I gave up in the name of sanity [to stop myself ripping up the floorboards] and decided to use the ultralight laminating film I got from you last year - then at least I could experiment painting with some rather flash Porcelaine glazing markers.

Then I went to get a clean set of sheets from the linen press and . . . there was this unfamiliar white cardboard tube hidden on the top shelf . . . and of course inside was the beautiful tissue.

I feel like I'm in recovery after running the marathon - but as my martial arts sensei would have observed - "balance has returned to your life".
Feb 23, 2010, 12:05 AM
Magicsmoke maker
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Hi everyone, sorry I've been so quiet recently.

I've just submitted the circuit boards for a new small-current speed controller to replace the existing PLD-ESC-05. This new unit will be a bit more robust at higher currents so it can tolerate stalled motors better. I can actually make these work up to about 10A, so instead of the PLD-ESC-05 being the smallest, I'll be changing up to it being a PLD-ESC-10. The cost will be the same, so that's a bonus for all.

The size of the new ESC will be fractionally larger because of the integrated low-ESR capacitor for the 5V power to the receiver. There will be NO option for switching between Lipo and NiMH, the units are going to be programmed for lipo only (okay, I can produce NiMH cutoff versions but not many people ever use NiMH anymore).

The board size is 15mm x 15mm, so it's still very tiny. They'll come supplied with 22AWG silicon wire as before.

Mar 20, 2010, 04:24 AM
Magicsmoke maker
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Cyclone updates

Cyclone notice - NQRC may not be operating over the next couple of days as we are in the near direct path of a tropical cyclone (Hurricane). As much stock and equipment as possible has been relocated to a safer location but there's no guarantees.

Obviously I am personally hoping that nothing will happen and things will resume to normal on Monday~Tuesday.

So far the projected path puts the cyclone passing by here between 10am and 4pm tomorrow (Sunday). The strength of the cyclone will be between catagory 1 and 2, that means the winds will be roughly between 100~170km/hr. The rain is the next big worry as we are in a localised flood prone zone due to the urban layout (we're actually on a moderately elevated position relative to the whole area but this actual property becomes inundated by 4 adjacent properties).

Pictures and video may be pending.
Mar 20, 2010, 08:04 AM
winds light to variable
Kookaburra's Avatar
fingers crossed for you
Mar 20, 2010, 08:10 AM
Magicsmoke maker
Inflexo's Avatar
Well, looks like ~9am it'll be here... sporting a nice Catagory-2 status if we're unlucky.
Mar 20, 2010, 10:49 AM
Magicsmoke maker
Inflexo's Avatar
Winds are picking up a fair bit already, it's going to be a long night I fear.
Mar 20, 2010, 08:25 PM
Magicsmoke maker
Inflexo's Avatar
Have been rather fortunate, the cyclone degenerated very quickly after crossing the coast and didn't carry through as a cat-2 as projected. Of course, now the next part is the one that causes the most trouble... the rain depression. The last time we had a rain-depression we copped about 250mm of rain and the workshop was flooded along with the house.

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