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Mar 29, 2003, 03:44 AM
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HL He-162 Salamander EDF

Anyone seen one of these in the flesh?

Really nice looking EDF plane.


Anyone know anything about that Kavan EDF 300 drive unit?

Maybe something like that could go into the GWS A-10 to give it some more power?

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Mar 29, 2003, 01:30 PM
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Kavan just bundles the We-Mo-Tec Micro Fan (50mm) with what people are thinking is some sort of 7.2 volt 300 size Mabuchi motor. I DEFINATELTY wouldn't put a EDF-50 in there as it won't fly very well....not a high enough e-flux. Check out some of the posts about it in the EDF forum..
Nov 24, 2008, 02:47 PM
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StarMax He-162

I just bought one of these a few weeks back and have flown it 6 times now. The build was very easy (I purchased the ARF version). Nice paint scheme and decals. Incidently, this aircraft can be seen at the Chino, CA Planes of Fame Museum as it has been a part of their collection for many years.
Overall the plane fly's well. Take off roll on a semi smooth surface, or short cut grass was achieved in approximately 30 feet with slight head wind, and about 45 feet with no head wind. The motor and EDF are pretty weak I must say, but should be able to replace both with a little bit of work. The plane handles well, and would probably fly much nicer if a more powerful EDF and motor were used rather than the stock. The included battery seems to be decent. I did try a TP 1320 3-cell in the jet, but ended up puffing the battery - on reflection this battery probably didn't have enough of a c-rating for the motor draw - I'm still learning. I did use a 1500 mAh Polyquest 20C battery which provided good performance. Flight times ranged from 5-8 minutes depending on throttle application. You really need to fly at 3/4 to full throttle to feel a little safer. Rolls well. Loops are a bit week. Lands very nicely into a little breeze. A very stable aircraft to fly. One thing that bothers me is that there's no wing spar, you just epoxy the wings into the join. Seems that StarMax should've thought that one through a little better.
Overall I recommend the kit as it is very unique and flys decent.
Jul 28, 2010, 09:13 AM
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If you are looking for one of these Hobby King sells the Starmax HE-162
Sep 01, 2010, 08:56 PM
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I'm finally getting around to building my He-162.

So far I've removed a fair bit of excess weight - 70g!

* Nose wheel and all metal steering remove.
* Nose wheel servo removed.
* Rears wheels and wires not installed.
* Plastic to hold rear wheels removed.

Some minor mods:

* Single 4mm x 1mm carbon fiber spar directly under aileron servo wire. Goes through fuselage and about 8cm into each wing.
* Not using aileron splitter cable, instead using separate aileron channels to make use of flaperons.

I'm using a 1300mah LIPO which is right at the front of the battery holder mounted vertically. This gives me a near perfect CoG.

Stock, this is supposed to be 600g RTF weight, however I'm hoping to get this down to 520g or so.

Tested the motor and you can FEEL the EDF's moment force from the thrust wanting to push the nose of the model down.

No wonder all the hand launch videos I've seen show an obvious dip at launch. Definitely hand launching this model at about 30 degrees up instead of my usual almost flat launch.

Wanted to test balance the impeller but after removing the screw I can't get it off. It must be glued on - can anyone advise?