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Mar 28, 2003, 11:06 PM
juantrinidad's Avatar

Maidened my MM Dandy Sport today....

Bought my Dandy Sport just about the time Doug announced that he was thinking of kitting it. I have been looking for a balsa slow flyer with ailerons for a long time and it fit the bill.

Building was done in one day, covering was finished in another and about half a day to put in the electronics. I am a slow builder and I'm sure a fast one can finish all of this in a day.

The set up is as follows:

GWS 100 A Drive
GWS 10x8 prop
Multiplex Pico Speed Control
3 GWS Pico+ Servos
2 Cell Sony 18650 Lithium pack (surplus)
Hitec Electron 6 receiver

AUW is 11.90 oz

ROG is a breeze and very scale like. It loops from a shallow dive. Can do stall turns. Really nice barrel rolls. I would have tried more were it not for the evil Sta. Ana winds.

I intentionally chose the GWS 100 drive for mucho flight time and to have a plane with scale like power.

Landing is Tiger moth like. To quote a flying buddy of mine, "it flies like a balloon with an attitude" (a good thing).

It's just what I wanted it to be. Cant wait for my eTEC 2 cell pack to arrive so that I can try the GWS 300C drive.

Rgds, JT
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Mar 28, 2003, 11:37 PM
3D Wannabe

Good to read that your DS flies well. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. If guys like you and turbojoe have such good things to say about it then I'll love it. You still flying your Picojet? Mine's been given away to make room for my MM planes.

Mar 29, 2003, 08:43 AM
juantrinidad's Avatar

Funny you should ask.....

the Pico jet is gone. but Ive got a new Microjet still in the box. the MM planes are great however the fast foamies hold a beguling appeal too!

rgds, JT
Mar 29, 2003, 11:30 PM
juantrinidad's Avatar

Had more fun with my handy dandy plane today...

I can't believe it. On an el cheapo Sony US18650S lithium battery pack from an old discarded cell Qualcom cellphone, I flew an unbelievable three 10 minute flights! 2 guys actually approached me as I was flying the Dandy. The first guy had me land the plane to look it over and ask for where he can buy one. Expect a call Doug! He was so amzed that I was flying on a 12 dollar motor GB combo. The other guy wanted to use the frequecy after waiting so long!

I should know better than to hog the freq, but I was just having so much fun. Barrel rolls, stall turns, loops! All required a dive before execution but hey, ever had a 280 powerd plane do this stuff? I really like high powered planes but after having done the brushless thing one too many times, the low powered approach to flying is refreshing. I acutally was flying my Hacker powered Park Cap better after all the practice time I had with the Dandy.

Rgds, JT