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Apr 06, 2009, 07:31 AM
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Problems with JR Data Transfer USB Interface

Have just installed the software for my JR Data Transfer, & have checked as described in the manual that the drivers are installed correctly, that is:
("If the driver has been correctly installed, “USBIO – controlled devices”
Click the “+” mark located on the left of “USBIO – controlled devices.”
A device name, “USBIO Device,” appears. This state indicates that the driver has been correctly installed, and that the PC successfully recognizes the USB (PC DATA TRANSFER) device".

So all that is OK, but if I want to open a saved file, (saved from my TX or even some files very kindly given to me from another JR9X11 user) [JR9X11 is the 9303 in the USA] I have problems.
The files are "dat" files with which Windows always shows: "Windows can not open this file".
So, OK, go to: "Select program from list" & select "PropoData".
Now comes up with: "PropoData has encountered a problem -------"
If you "click" to see error data, it shows:
AppName: propodata.exe
ModName: prodata.exe
Offset: 002ae77d

That's no doubt too much info. already & I realise that this is not a computer forum, (so I certainly will not bother you with the " technical information in the report".

This of course means that I am not able to use the saved data from JR DataTransfer, which is just somewhat of a problem as this is really what the program should do.

I just hope that someone has had similar issues, & has been able to resolve them, & can assist.
John H
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Apr 06, 2009, 06:14 PM
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Have you tried using the File, Open method ? Does that give you the same results ?
Apr 07, 2009, 06:48 AM
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Hi mac man,
Appreciate your response.
Somewhat embarrased in not being clear as to your meaning re what happens if "using the File, Open method".
My basic answer is that "nothing works" & that the only way I can see to have the file open is as I have detailed under.
If I am missing something simple I will surely overcome any additional embarrasment & just give thanks.
In looking at this re a need to give you a better appreciation, I have decided to include a series of "Hypersnaps".

If I LH double click" on the file, it will only come up with the, (usual for Windows re "dat" files afik) "You are attempting to open a file of type 'DAT' (.dat) --------"
Gives 2 options: "Open With" or "Cancel" [see attach 1]
"Open with" gives you: [attach 2]
"Use Web services ---" give you no help (ever).
So, use "Select program from a list".
This gives: [see attach 3] So you select "PropoData" & hit "OK"
Comes up with: "PropoData has encountered a problem ------"[see attach 4]

If I, Right click on the file, it shows: "Open with", & selecting "PropoData" comes up with: "PropoData has encountered a problem ------" as in attach 4.

Looking now, I notice, (you can see re background in attach 1) that the file opens in what is the "picture viewing" screen. Could be re Windows seeing it as a "strange" file.

I would be happy to P.M. the file if of any assistance.

Any further assistance much appreciated.

John H
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Apr 07, 2009, 06:58 AM
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I think mac_man meant have you tried starting the application from the start menu and then selecting "file"->"open" from the menu bar?

Not every appplication is written in a way that will let it be launched by clicking on the file associated with it.
.dat is a pretty generic extension, so they probably did not intend for it to work like that.

Pat MacKenzie
Apr 07, 2009, 07:27 AM
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Thanks Pat,
Now that's a very prompt response!
Further embarrasment. If you mean, (& I think perhaps you do not):
[Start] > "All Programs" > then click on "PropoData", then the actual program opens with no issues.
It is only re the saved file that the problem exists.

I would be very pleased to find I am missing something here, (& I probably am )
If you save the file transferred from your TX by PropoData, it is of course a "dat" file. DAT files normally only open with the program associated with them, & in this case it should be no problem as of course it is "PropoData".

Anxiously await any further assistance.

John Haines
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Apr 07, 2009, 07:36 AM
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Hold everything!!!!
I shall report back, I am going to, (again) read the manual.

John H
Apr 07, 2009, 08:09 AM
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Thanks you mac_man & Pat!
I should have twigged from "Have you tried using the File, Open method", but as you can obviously see I was going down the wrong track.

I had been trying to open the saved file itself, & had not realised that the file, (after all, it is a "dat' file that I even said, "normally only open with the program associated with it" ) can, (has to be) opened from the, (Yes, yes, ------I know) "File" > "Open" in the actual "PropoData" programme itself .
So to my "very pleased to find I am missing something here", well I sure was.

Well, I don't think my age is shown in my "profile", & I must think of including it as some feeeble excuse.

Edit. I may, (you will be so pleased ) have to get back re as in my original post, "but if I want to open ------- some files very kindly given to me from another user".
In fact, thinking now, (& searching for any excuse) it was this that set me off on the wrong path.
How do I have the Programme, (yes I know now) open these files?? You would have to get the files (into) "PropoData" to have it be able to "Open" them. Will see how I go.

Your assistance has been much appreciated!

John Haines
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Apr 07, 2009, 08:47 AM
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Just to save your nerves as to my having to get back re having PropoData open the files kindly sent to me on CD, I was able to do this.
Yes; simply, "File" > "Open", & direct it to the files copied from the CD.

Again, your assistance was truely appreciated.

John Haines

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