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Apr 16, 2010, 05:58 AM
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Finished the fuselage canopy and installed the nose area foam (top nose section held on with velcro), so now its just winglets and ailerons and a bit of soldering for bullet connectors.

Whats the best way to fit the ailerons? I'm thinking of using trusty old duct tape on the bottom of the wing, do i need to stiffen the ailerons with anything? tape or laminating film??

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Apr 16, 2010, 06:02 PM
Flying on Flux Capacitors
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Originally Posted by tricksta77
Finished the fuselage canopy and installed the nose area foam (top nose section held on with velcro), so now its just winglets and ailerons and a bit of soldering for bullet connectors.

Whats the best way to fit the ailerons? I'm thinking of using trusty old duct tape on the bottom of the wing, do i need to stiffen the ailerons with anything? tape or laminating film??

I'd steer clear of duct tape...little to heavy for this application. When I made mine I used tape (clear packing tape) hinges and left the elevons uncovered and it worked fine.

Apr 17, 2010, 04:23 AM
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I use fibreglass reinforced weave tape for hinges and also a length on top and bottom of thin wings goes a long way to strengthening them without adding significant weight.

I also find that running a 'covering/sealing iron' set on low temperature over the applied tape really helps it to stick.



Also, if you didn't already know of it, a cheap source of RC stuff in the UK

Apr 17, 2010, 04:10 PM
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Richard, I spent a couple of days in South France without Internet connection, that's why I didn't answer your questions.

If you are using 6mm Depron your wing should be 3mm thinner than per the plan. Because you are using the same thickness for the fuselage this shouldnt' be a problem (I'm afraid this is not very useful information for you now!).

The only tape I use on my foamies is the reinforced tape Nigel mentioned. I use it to tape the wing layers to the fuselage layers, for the leading edge and I use it as aileron hinges at the bottom side of the ailerons (s. picture above).

I use an X-ACTO knife (probably like the one you are using) with a fresh blade on a hardwood board. Like this and with a little practice I get decent cuts.

It's hard to say what went wrong with your fuselage top section. It should be 426mm in length.

I think you should be fine with the Turnigy 28-30B 1050 Kv. It's the motor I used for the video flights with the 120g Toshiba Camileo S10.

Make sure you check the CG and the 6mm positive (up) deflection of the ailerons before you maiden the plane.

...and let us know how it flies!
Apr 19, 2010, 08:50 AM
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Hi Jaron,

thanks for the update, and now for mine

Damn and blast!!! Built up, all ready and looking great, took her out for a maiden flight and launched it first attempt (which i was surprised about) she went up nice and smooth to I guess around 60 feet or so, tried to turn her around and come back across the field and she dived for the ground, managed to pull her up before but she still hit hard and to cut a long story short, I broke my motor mount/firewall all my screws pulled out.

Anyway, back home, made a new motor mount but doubled up on the ply just to give my screws some extra purchase and took her out again!

Same smooth launch! (great) climbed her back up to around 80 feet ish but then disaster! turning her around (what i though was gently) and she just nose dived into the ground, completely trashed the front end and shattered the fuselage rear end (this time my motor mount was really solid, so solid in fact the motor and prop were still attached to it, just a shame IT was no longer attached to the rest of the plane!)

Anyway, she is deader than a dead thing! But for the 30-40 seconds or so of takeoff/ level flight she was great! Just a shame it was under my control I guess

Anyway after getting home a bit dissapointed I looked at the wreckage before me to find I had a crack straight across the mid section of the right wing, maybe this was the cause of the final crash??? Or more likely my lack of experience and knowledge.

Anyway, I cant fault the design, she looked great on the ground and in the air, the motor/prop combo you suggested worked beautifully, she had plenty of thrust and seemed to be relatively docile with it, just like I wanted.

I'm just saddened that I have to inform you that it didn't work out well for me, at least not on this attempt anyway. Not to get downhearted about it im chalking this one up to experience and trying something a little different (ready simpler), but sure as apples is apples I will be coming back to this design again as I think with the right pilot (hopefully a slightly more experienced me!) it will all end up good!

thanks for all the help, I will be sure to tell you when I have a success.

Apr 19, 2010, 10:37 AM
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Richard, I'm sorry to hear about your unsuccessful approach to the world of scratch built foamies!

I have never experienced a diving tendency with this plane and so far I thought it'll be easy to fly because it's precise and predictable. But that's just the opinion of a heli pilot and all the pilots that flew my plane(s) have never flown a fixed wing plane before - and where surprised that they where able to fly one with ease. So your experience is valuable information to me.
Apr 19, 2010, 11:01 AM
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I guess it could have been a bunch of things, maybe my CG was way off, didnt think so but maybe. Could even have been something stupid like me incorrectly setting up my Elevons (maybe reversed or something) I set them up the way I thought they should work but maybe I had it wrong, I dont know.

Like i said before, I think its most likely a case of pilot error or control error/bad setup/not enough control authority, rather than a problem with the design. She flew great for the first few moments which made me really pleased that I even got that far!

And like I said Onwards and Upwards ( hopefully ; ) )

Apr 19, 2010, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by tricksta77
incorrectly setting up my Elevons (maybe reversed or something) I set them up the way I thought they should work but maybe I had it wrong, I dont know.( hopefully ; ) )

Sorry to hear of your mishap Richard, but as my old engineering foreman used to say "The person who never made a mistake, never made anything".

From what you say, it sounds most likely you haven't set up your transmitter correctly for such an odd thing to happen.

If you would care to describe what movement you get on the control surfaces when moving the stick control, maybe we can get that ironed out straight for you.

If it's any consolation, my brother ditched my scratchbuilt wing on Saturday, flew it again after a cursory look over it and after a steep climb and steep dive, the motor tore straight off the back, pulling the Rx, ESC etc with it!
Some UHU POR and hotmelt has it ready for the next outing.

Apr 20, 2010, 05:49 AM
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Im afraid its a bit too late now to try to get her flying again, salvaged my parts for my other project for now. Thanks for the offer of helping me out with the setup though.

But I will be back, hopefully soon to try again as I like the look of this thing so much and it has so many possibilities.

Jun 07, 2010, 06:18 PM
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Folding of the top wing layer


I am new to plane building and decided that Jaron's flying wing is perfect for my first built plane, I will use it for FPV flying. I am using 6mm depron, 2,5mm balsa and 6mm carbon rods. I just finished cutting out wing layers from the depron, beveled the top layer at a 30 degree angle and started to wonder how to correctly fold the top wing layer.

Originally Posted by jaron
If you are using 6mm Depron the folding of the top wing layer might be tricky. The goal is to have a nicely rounded leading edge and a curved top layer after the folding. I beveled the top and the bottom layers with a 30 degree angle. You might test that on some separate sheets.
Please see attached picture. Which way is correct? May be none?
Jun 08, 2010, 02:34 AM
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The first version of the beveling is the correct one.

Important: don't use balsa wood for the fuselage frame / motor mount. I used 2mm plywood.

The FPV guys prefer to use self stabilizing planes like the Easy Glider. My flying wing flies where you point it at. If you are new to FPV or even flying, this could be a problem.

I hope you enjoy the build!
Jun 08, 2010, 05:08 AM
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Thank you for information!

I was going to use balsa because it is much lighter than plywood, but I guess it is not as strong as required.

I am new to FPV, but not to flying. I have spent many hours flying a wing in flight simulators in fpv and 3rd person view and I feel pretty confident.

Jaron, I really enjoy the build. I chose it because of its looks, functionality, ease of build and flight characteristics. Thank you for your work creating PDF plans and supporting builders with advices!
Jul 05, 2010, 04:57 AM
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Maiden flight and crash

Finished the plane at last and maiden flew it yesterday. It flew beautifully, glided incredibly and also could go fast if I wanted to. Unfortunately in the end I crashed the plane. I will repair it and get back into the air soon.

UAV flying wing - maiden flight and crash (8 min 54 sec)

I had various problems with motor while building the plane. While testing the plane at home, one shaft broke making the folding prop fly into the wall. Changed the shaft, shortened it, changed the prop to non-folding, and made sure it is balanced well and with as little vibration as possible. During the tests while changing rotation speed rapidly vibration started to show and I noticed the new shaft has bent. I did not have any more spare shafts so I've decided to put on the last motor I had. It was ordered for my other plane Skyartec Cessna. The strength of the Skyartec motor shaft was far better than for Towerpro motor. I noticed it while sawing the shaft shorter - it required much more time to do this. Lesson learned - do not use motors with 3mm shaft for pusher prop planes.

I did not get 2mm plywood. Instead I glued together two 1mm plywood plates with PVA glue. Also I made bottom wing from the single sheet of depron. In total I spent around 40 hours building the plane.

Some info:

All up weight: 620g (21.78oz)
Motor: 1530KV BL WZ12 (max 18A)
Prop: 9 x 4.7E
Battery: Turnigy 3S 2200mah 25C-35C
TX: Hitec Eclipse 7
RX: Corona RP6D1 35Mhz
Airborne time: 12 minutes 20 seconds
Battery voltage after crash: 11.9V
Expected max flight time: 45 minutes

As a result of falling onto a concrete - head part torn off, got 3 cracks on plywood frame and 1 crack on the lower wing. Should not be too hard to fix that.

In the first I thought the reason for crash was a bad servo or radio problems because the plane stopped listening to my commands and sharply turned to the left and dived into the ground. But after watching video I think reason for crash was stall.

More info soon.
Jul 05, 2010, 12:50 PM
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Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope we'll see more soon.

It's really exciting or strange to see the plane in your video. As I crashed mine into a tree this is kind of a resurrection.

The most powerful motor I used on this plane was the Turnigy 2836 1200kv with a 4mm shaft (about 220W average). All the others had 3.2mm shafts.
Jul 18, 2010, 07:26 AM
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Hi Jaron!
I am a Naval Architect and work for a Ship Building yard in Abu Dhabi-UAE.Your design of the flying wing has really impressed me because of its simplicity and ofcourse the way you have utilized it as a UAV. Albeit I carry no erstwhile experience of rc models but upon seeing your design I am determined to build one. I need your kind help over the following issues:

1. I have in my possession some EPP foam, 30mm thick, and want to build the wing from it, a solid foam one with carbon fibre spars added underneath it, sorry my own ideas; please advice me what NACA profile should I be using? Does it need to be of the same span as your KF design OR can I have a design for a little larger wing.
We have no wire cutting facility here in UAE therefore i intend to sand off the foam to achieve the required profile and later wrap it up with some suitable tape; if you could give me some tips as regards to the latter, I would be very grateful.
2. What motor + Pusher (foldable prop) do I need to use? The ones listed in your design would suffice or would you recommend something different ?
3. I desire to have an endurance of around 25 minutes; please direct me to a suitable LiPo.
4. What should be the specifications for the ESC / LiPo charger and associated stuff?
I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience as I have a friend who is soon travelling to the USA, He could fetch me the above items!

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