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Apr 25, 2009, 04:37 AM
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Originally Posted by saigol7
RTF Slow Stick with 300C brushed motor and 1000mah LiPo in every toy and hobby shop in America and Europe is all you need to keep GWS airplane division in business. Here's why:

1. People don't have money for expensive stuff.
2. Most people don't have 600x600 foot flying fields near their homes.
3. Most People do have 200x200 parks within walking distance from their homes.
4. People (especially kids) like to tinker a little and the SS can be built entirely with the supplied glue and tape. If the manual is made understandable to an 11 year old.
5. The SS will get off the ground even if badly built.
6. The SS is highly modifiable.

7. Finallly, all GWS has to do to convert SS to RTF is to add a Transmitter and LiPo to its existing Flight Pack and bundle it with standard SS kit. And sell it for under $75.

You could buy a 3 channel RTF for less than 75 bucks but all the current offerings including Firebird Phantom require a football field to fly in.
Thank you very much for these suggestions. We've tried hard to work on the RTF Slow Stick. We're trying to cut down the size of its kit box. It's a must when shipping costs are raising higher.

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Apr 25, 2009, 06:07 AM
Ay up it's warped
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It is a good idea to have the control surfaces ready cut out, it is a very simple job to do but it does ruin the appearance of the pre-painted kits. I have heard and read it said that there is little point in getting a pre-painted model as very obvious parts of it need re-painting.
This might not be too visible in flight but GWS want to impress other modelers while the model is still on the ground or they may not take any notice of how well it looks in the air! It would mean a change to the moulds though so may not be a cheap modification....
Apr 25, 2009, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by gjgm
-scrap anything that doesnt fly especially well. A poor flyer does more damage to the brand that is almost impossible to repair.
-define your market place.. simple+cheap, or accurate scale, or...?? publicise that so punters know what they are buying into, coz its got too scatter gun.
-give clear guidance online as to the models flight characteristics in comparison to another model (or group them in categories).
-see if you can make add-in parts easy to interchange (servo trays/removable motormounts) so you can switch gear easily and fly a different model. That creates brand stickiness.
-if you offer all-in kits, make sure that gear is for perfect flight (weight/power ratios)
-dont think its just price driven.
-how about multipacks? If transport etc is so much of the cost, sell WW2 package (3 planes?), or Celebration Corsair package (different colour schemes)
-get demonstrator/sponsors at local clubs/shows to demonstrate your wares.

OK, that isnt just kit mods, but there you go ...
Very true, Thank you very much for these ideas, I'll certainly discuss your ideas with my colleagues and Boss.

Apr 25, 2009, 06:45 AM
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Originally Posted by 57sailplane
also if you want to get back into the dealearships you need to give the dealer a package discount. what i mean is . you need to sell them 5-10 plane package at a good discount. saves on shipping and fills there shelves with gws.

i would also mandate that all dealers sell there gws shelf items at a 15-20 percent mark up over internet price. why because its in the buyers hands and a lot of us will pay the extra so we dont have to deal with a large transaction over the net. this 15-20% will help cover dealers shiping cost.

one thing though thats very important. if you hae them raise there gws shelf minum prices you should not raise the internet minimum prices as we the internet buyer must pay the shipping and do the paper work and you will loose a lot if not all of your custemers who buy off the internet..

well i think i have said my 2 cents worth lol..
Thank you very much for these great ideas in dealers' kind. This will be one of the subjects on sales meeting.

Apr 25, 2009, 07:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Max Powers
The Fw190 and P40 got people's attention. Now that people are paying some attention to GWS again, you come out with a new product that looks even better. Word spreads, and GWS's presence in the market increases.

Being a business owner myself I have a fair knowledge base of this, really I just think the higher ups at gws are making this more difficult than it should be.

A good product, if done right, would be the Stuka. It's interesting looking and hard to find elsewhere. Alfa Models was the only company I know of that made a foam parkflyer of this plane but stopped making it a while ago. You can still find it, but at $180 for the airframe only, GWS could come out with a much more affordable version that would probably sell quite well.
Thank you very much for your words, it's nice to know that both FW-190 and P-40 got people's attention. They are all affordable and with good quality.
Apr 27, 2009, 02:02 AM
Confused? Who, me?
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Reading current posts about the Beaver I'm obliged to say that I think the MK II Beaver that GWS had/have on the table would have been a great winner of sales. Only GWS will know what it would still cost to bring to market but if it is out of reach in the next year or two I suggest that the original Beaver could well be a candidate for the low investment value adding upgrade approach that was the concept behind this thread. The GWS Beaver was my introduction to the world of ARTF RC foamie kits (although it's really a NRARTF). It's a great introduction to the world of RC flying.

It's charms and attractions are well known, as are, to those who have built them, its foibles and failings. The motor is cheap but inefficient, as is the recommended battery. The landing gear will rip itself out enthusiastically if you have a bad landing or don't have a decent surface in the landing area. The plastic wing dihedral moulding and double sided tape is a poor design and, for my money, gives you a dihedral which not only looks dorkish but which is much more than you need for decent directional control and stability. You have to rotate the wing strut mountings through 90 degrees which doesn't look right but at least it means you don't have to bend the strut ends in a direction they really don't to bend. The wheels and orange slowfly prop look dorkish too.

SO: Beaver Mk1a:

Supply as NPS but with:

Simple flat sheet plastic stamping which will glue to the fuselage underside but with slots to support landing gear wires where they exit the fuselage so that they take landing gear loads to stop tearing out in both longitudinal and transverse directions.

Ditto to reinforce the elevator across its weak centre.

Supply a set of GWS hinge tabs for the rudder and elevator. These will be probably easier and certainly better looking than sticky tape.

2mm flat carbon strip to reinforce the leading edges of the wings. This not only adds damage protection to the leading edge but also increases the wings' bending stiffness

Better fitting dihedral brace which can be glued to the wing - drop the double sided tape which is close to useless.

Supply E-Flite type radial motor mount which goes onto the stick. Such a mount is, I can tell you, very handy for fitting a b/l motor in a wide range of GWS kits.

Better strut mountings

Black (or grey) GWS HD rather than slow fly prop

Better wheels - rubber tyred GWS type (the weight penalty will be more than offset by lighter motors and batteries available these days)

Also nice to have would be for GWS to supply the cabin windows ready painted on in matt black, easier for the builder and better looking than the present decal solution.

GWS could also offer a pre-wired (with plugs) flight pack of b/l motor, esc and lipo for those that may want a ready made set up. Packaged separately this might also please customers for the Cub, Pico Moth, Slow Stick etc. And indeed for people buying kits from other manufacturers!

Going one stage further GWS could offer (separately) an RTF flight pack of Rx and Tx and servos.

And finally, not specific to the Beaver, I am reminded by another post that many newcomers to GWS are thrown by the supplied GWS glue because it doesn't say, anywhere, that it is a contact adhesive. It's a very good contact adhesive but I belong to the large and world-wide club who started out using it as a conventional glue in which role, we found out the hard way, it is absolutely useless.

Come on GWS - how difficult can it be to add a slip of paper to existing kits making this clear and, for the future, adding the explanation to both the build manual and, better still, the artwork on the tube itself?

One of the greatest single contributions to the growth in demand for ANY equipment coming from the Far East (and in particular Japan) in the last forty years has been quality based upon the principle of continuous improvement - Kaizen - if you will. Why is there very little, if any, evidence that GWS recognise the value of continuous improvement of existing products in building a reputation and market share?
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Apr 27, 2009, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Roger Lombard


2mm flat carbon strip to reinforce the leading edges of the wings. This not only adds damage protection to the leading edge but also increases the wings' bending stiffness
Another - better - option may be a CF strip similar to this. GWS glue works very nicely on it.

Wrt continuous improvement. I finally killed a foam Ultimate biplane made by a certain Taiwanese company, so I'm building the next version of the same model by the same company. What they did was to change the tail surfaces (flat depron) and add a (light, but sturdy, I might add) cowl to extend the nose. That fixed the two major shortcomings of the first version for (I'm guessing) $2 per kit, if that.
Apr 27, 2009, 02:50 PM
Confused? Who, me?
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nsg I'm not clear how you'd fasten a 1/2" strip to the leading edge of a Beaver wing, bearing in mind the wing is only 2 (3?) mm depron. Obviously (?) you have to have the principal axis of the strip perpendicular to the bending load for increased wing stiffness. Am I missing something?
Apr 27, 2009, 03:14 PM
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Roger -

A piece of 3mm depron may be stiffened up quite nicely by gluing a CF strip on each side. In fact, that's precisely what I was doing yesterday - with considerable success

Consider a beam under a bending load. The layers that stretch or contract the most are on the outside. It makes sense to use all of your 'better' material on the outer layer, where the beam is stressed the most. The other material should be strong enough to maintain the overall shape, but that's it.

Pictures: a 35 cm stabilizer, 5mm depron reinforced by a single strip, will add another when more CF comes in; a completed wing strut, 3mm depron, a CF strip on either side, tape. The batteries in the second picture are 3200 mah GFroce, total weight 500g.
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Apr 28, 2009, 04:59 AM
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They are very good ideas ! Roger, thank you very much for posting these great suggestions that can be made by GWS at minimum cost indeed. Having these done on the said birds could make them more valuable, and certainly more profitable if the prices could also be raised up.

I'll certainly keep Boss and R&D staffs well informed of your words, and further discuss the same with them ASAP.

Thank you again !

Apr 29, 2009, 12:33 AM
well for better or worse i'm helping out
Just placed my first stock order, i'll add quantities when the stock arives.Linky happy to do special order, any comments or advice only too happy to take on board.


Oh Chen, don't forget to add me to the dealer links. and may be consider getting rid of the ones that no longer support GWS
Apr 29, 2009, 03:53 AM
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Hi Woodsy,

Thank you very much for your support, friends in Australia would be pleased to know that there's going to be one more dealer who stocks GWS kits in your continent.

Sure, I'll ask my colleague to do that. Thank you again

Apr 30, 2009, 11:39 PM
i think it's been mentioned before but what about something like this, it could use 80% of the components from a Slow Stick and would be a new release for very little cost.

you could even base it on one of the Quicksilver ultra lights that GWS sells

(image borrowed for ruben in NZ)
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May 02, 2009, 08:08 AM
E-flyer since 1981
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Improve the GWS image...

This forum is too messy and busy.

'Sticky' posts that announce new products, that are years old and several hundred posts old clutter this forum.

Clean it up and move on.

If a product doesn't generate enough interest and response on its own merit, let the thread move down. It seems like too much promotion.
May 02, 2009, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Michael in Toronto
Improve the GWS image...

This forum is too messy and busy.

'Sticky' posts that announce new products, that are years old and several hundred posts old clutter this forum.

Clean it up and move on.

If a product doesn't generate enough interest and response on its own merit, let the thread move down. It seems like too much promotion.
Yes, there are too many stickys. I don't like the main forum page finally starting clean down at the bottom.

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