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Mar 25, 2009, 12:26 PM

First Plus 2m RC Groups Build thread progresses!

Yes friends don't let friends fly 2ms but its okay to build them ! :-).
I have a genetic compulsion to build something every season. This kit came
up from Kennedy Composites and so I figured what the heck...I'll have it done
in a night or two! ...not. Didn't take long for me to start grinding out
ideas for modifications. Its turning out to be fun and should be a good
looking plane. I know the model will fly well since its been production for a lot
of years.

I added two inches of extra hedral via making the wing panels 'poly', but
mounted on the fuse, its amazing how flat the wing still any case it
original inch under each panel left it looking and flying like a slope

I got a lot of stuff done and got some info on HobbyClub's new super powered
metal geared cheap digital servos. About the size of an HS55 but only 10mm
(3/8") actually thinner than other digital DLG servos!
I did some bench testing but will have to see how they do working surfaces.
I also did a "What's left to do" check list.
Check it out.

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