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Mar 24, 2009, 10:16 PM
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If Deepaautorepai isn't Madman74...

I received a warning for posting information on a confirmed scammer who ripped me off, and has ripped off many others under his various screen names. I have clear documentation that I came to an agreement with the person who I identified, that this same person cashed the money order that I sent, that no merchandise was received, that this person stopped posting under Madman74, and resurfaced under a series of different user names, and has been verified to be the same scammer based on name and phone number given to the various victims.

The interesting thing is that the subject of the thread, Deepaautorepai claims up and down he isn't the alleged scammer. Whether this is true or not is for someone else to determine. If they are not the same, then Deepaautorepair has no grounds to report this post.

RCG and the moderators have continued to allow this individual access to the site where he continues his attempts to steal from unsuspecting trading partners. As long as you continue to allow access, there will be victims of his theft that will keep watch and sound the alert. Please take a few moments to read the whole thread.

The warning I received stated that the type of information I posted is not allowed because, "We do not allow the posting of this information because once it is indexed by the search engines it may cause a person annoyances in the form of spam, telemarketing calls, etc." So by issuing me a point you are clearly stating that its OK for this individual to scam and steal from unsuspecting users of RCG, but its not OK to air enough detail on the thief in the hopes that others will not suffer the same fate.

Do you still believe I deserve a point for such action?
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Mar 28, 2009, 10:15 AM
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How about a little feedback here? I'm willing to eat the warning point, but you, the moderators have some responsibility to act too.

It was interesting to see that after flagging one of Deepaautorepai's threads for swearing, it magically changed back to 3Daddiction. I thought the only way you could change user name was by moderator intervention. Is this true or not?

The thread is:

Come on moderators, how about doing something about this scam artist? Or is continuing to allow this to occur just business as usual?

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