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Mar 20, 2009, 09:50 PM
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Nitro Sadler Vampire SV-2

Finished the Nitro Sadler Vampire SV-2 and the test flight was a little twichy..Control Throws are set as per Manual.. there is one thing about the CG in the talks about setting the CG at 90mm ( 3.5 inches ) then in the picture it shows 75mm ( 3.0 inches ) is there anyone that can clear this up?? with this plane being so short coupled 1/2 inch is a lot.. powered with E-Flite Power 60 .. 6 cell, 4000ma 30c pack with a 12 X 10 prop. it's a Rocket Ship.... attached are a few pictures..

As with all the Nitro Planes i have gotten they needed quite a lot of repair right out of the box..Yes i will keep buying planes from Nitro as they are a lot of really nice looking planes on their website.. just bugs a guy when you have to repair something new before you start assembly..I know they can't inspect the planes off the boat before shipping ,,,but darn it would be so nice to get at least one that does't need repair out of the box.

To Bruce
Will hit you up on that discount and free shipping you offered..on my next order..really looking hard at the U.S. Army P-51D Mustang "Marie" Nitro-60 - 65.5"
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Jun 23, 2009, 05:21 PM
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First sorry for my english, i'm from Brazil and pratice airplane model here.

I'm interest in made a sadler vampira airplane replic, but i don't have a plan for this airplane, i would like know if have this plan.

sorry again and thanks.

Denis Schaulet
Jun 26, 2009, 09:08 PM
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sadler vampira

my nitro sadler vampira is for sale.. i have too many planes..flys great. just needs motor and batt,, servos ,, would take just 75.00 us plus shipping.. it will break down small pod,, the booms.. the wings are 2 peice...
Oct 04, 2010, 12:18 PM
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sadler vampire set up

Built one just like it, same setup except I used a 5000mah pack 6s 30c. This thing is a flying BRICK !!! on a 12x10 pusher, No wonder you never answered my emails.....
Nov 07, 2010, 09:52 PM
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Hi bros, i am from argentina, and i wanna make this plane, anyone knows where i can download the plan for this plane?
please i really wanna do it... could you help me.. regards
Dec 17, 2010, 12:31 AM
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Sadler Vampire

Got my Sadler Vampire today.

had doubts in mind and looking at it saw that its meant for a brushless motor. I was told by Trionesmodel stupid ass engineer that i should buy a ASP .46 2 stroke nitro engine to fly this plane. Now I am stuck.

how do i fit an ASP .46 Nitro engine in there where its supposed to be a motor?

can anyone guide me on this or has anyone prepared this plane with a .46 engine and flown successfully? I already crashed a plane from traionesmodel on first maiden flight due to the rubbish and waste guidance from their inexperienced engineers who has uptil now been very successful for making me waste my money by guiding me to buy totally wrong equipment n engines for their planes.

Hoping someone can share, help or guide on if Sadler vampire can fly with .46 engine and where the CG Should be actually after installing Fuel tank and engine.

question is how to install an engine on that think wooden mount that is meant for electric motor. won't the vibrations from .46 engine and push will make that think wood leave its place?

Dec 17, 2010, 12:07 PM
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Sadler Vampire setup

Hi Ali,

U are correct. Those backward engineers at Trionesmodel DO NOT know that the heck they are talking about. I believe they copy real airplanes off the web using CAD, and build the exact plane as a model, but never do the research as to whether it will fly, how it will behave, what equipment to use or CG placements. They arent pilots mind you, so they GUESS at everything. I used the same power setup as "randynsaudi" saying to myself, this guys has done it right. WRONG!, He was also BSing on how his flew because mine flew like a BRICK so I imagine his did not perform well either. I was considering doing what you will be doing, placing a .46 engine in the rear. YES you will have to do alot of cutting, and modifying and installing a rear bulkhead to support the motor better. The fuel tank should be mounted AT the CG location. CG the plane with the tank FULL. Yes, FULL. this is how I CG all my pushers and I have 4 of them flying successfully. Here again, you will have to play with the CG on the Vampire. Now, If you'd rather go electric, Then you will need a motor with at least 1800kv turning a two blade 12x10. I say 12 because that is as big a prop that will fit back there. I blew my 85amp HobbyKing piece of "cp" ESC of first flight, am waiting on the Phoenix 110HV ESC. On initial take off before the ESC blew, It had plenty of power and speed. I am using the Ammo Brushless 1800kv motor. Hope this helps. I might sell the electric setup and just go glow on this plane as well.
Dec 17, 2010, 11:18 PM
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Thanks for fast reply mate. I will try to post a video before setting up and after setting up on my channel so people can see. I will also warn people on my channel with a video not to buy planes from these trionesmodel and or at least not to listen and follow their air head engineers who are experts in letting people waste their money buying wrong stuff and crash their planes on first flight.
I plan to mount engine and put the fuel tank in that big bottom belly of this Sadler and mount my receiver, UBEC, and a 1800mAh 3S Lipo way up ahead in the nose to make it nose heavy.

that stupid head engineer made me buy a 14x8 prop for 20cc Gasoline on FlyCat 71 and 12x7 for this Sadler to spin on .46 engine. GOD damn him, I used to spin a 11.5x6.5 on my Edge 540 and later a 12x6 using a .61 Engine. imagine that. Can a .46 spin 12x7 on this little plane sadler?

These guys are totally out of their mind and they have no idea what they are doing. they tell us all time, "We flew it with this setup successfully"
Hey where are the videos or proofs then?

I searched all over on youtube for FlyCat71, I found nothing, that means no one was ever able to fly it. damn man, i am now worried bout my TT62 Electo. a big passenger jet, they sent me 2 big ass electric motors, two 100A ESC and asked me to run a 12S Lipo Setup. i have no idea how am I going to prep that plane. but anyway, it will be a good project if I fitted twin .15 engines in that plane

Keep in touch and let me know if you have any other tips.
Dec 18, 2010, 12:06 AM
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I had one more question. Trionesmodel says, use 4 micro servos (2 for elevator and 2 for rudder) i find it very confusing to use 2 servos on single channel. If i use a Y harness cable servos will move in opposite direction. for rudder i can put connectors at top arm on one servo and bottom arm at other servo to balance this, but for elevator there isn't enough space to do these kind of stuff. i am thinking to use just one servo for rudder and one for elevator. what do you think, will that work right? or those servos will give up?
Feb 21, 2015, 10:45 AM
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This comment is years too late, but may be relevant to more recent buyers of the Sadler Vampire (hobby king). With a 58" wingspan, this plane should carry a G60 65A Turnigy 500kv and run on a 3500mAh 6s (or even a 5000 mAh). With rear end modifications it should even carry a GGT15 15cc glow gas engine (OS, .60 nitro power equivalent). 13x8 APC $5.00 for G60 pusher use 11x7 3 blade pusher gas $6.50 good for GGT-15 or GT-15 or G60 pusher.

As far as CG, this type of straight wing "jet" can be balanced about an inch from the leading edge. My Vortech 32 pusher jet (very similar in airframe) runs well on a 42mm 700kv 6s setup, and could carry a 5000mAh 6s. With CG 1" from the leading edge, there is great stability, and I can still pull quite tight turns yank and bank. I could handle even more speed than the 42mm electric can put out.

If the rear of the fuselage is just weak fiberglass cloth, then you will have to build up internal structure to hold the fire wall. This was also a problem with the Vortech 32 from nitroplanes. But with the long nose, you can move batteries forward to compensate for the added tail weight.

Has anyone gotten the Flycat 70 flying? This might also be a candidate for the OS GGT15 gas engine.

I would love to find quality gas prop jets, puller or pusher. Something like the ak-models kits for puller engines, but ARF.
Jan 02, 2017, 12:38 AM
the great Gassif´er
Can any of the above answer where after testing, the CG ended up to be?

Thinking about buying one, and I know the build will not be easy but I love the way it looks in the air....

AND... it breaks down in small pieces. I need that for certain purposes....
Jan 28, 2017, 09:49 AM
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Cg can anyone help me too please

I have yet to maiden my sadler vampire yet and would also like some idea of the CG position ? Details and some photos of my set up below please excuse my poor undercarriage set up but the set up that came with the kit was trash and pulled out of wings on taxiing !

MOTOR = Turnigy EasyMatch G60 brushless outrunner
PROP = Master Airscrew 12x8" 3-Blade GF
SERVO'S = 3- Turnigy TGY-4409MD DS/MG Servo 9.45kg / 0.11sec / 44g (2-ailerons 1- stearable nose wheel)
SERVO'S = 4- Corona DS238HV Digital Metal Gear Servo 4.6kg / 0.13 Sec / 22g (2-rudder/2- elevator)
UBEC = TURNIGY 5-7.5A (8~42v) HV UBEC For Lipoly (set for 6v output)
ESC = TURNIGY Plush 100amp Speed Controller w/BEC (BEC removed red wire)
RECEIVER = Lemon DSMX Compatible 10-Channel + Lemon Rx DSMX Compatible Satellite ( Satellite antenna's mounted on outside of fuselage )
BATTERY = Turnigy A-SPEC G2 4.25mah 6S 65C (motor)
BATTERY = Turnigy 1800mAh 4S 40C (good for CG-?) or nano-tec 1300mAh 3S 45-90C
WING SPAN = 59" (1500mm)
FUSALAGE = 47.2" (1200mm)
FLYING WEIGHT = 3.9 KG (Oh dear too heavy manual says 2.4 kg)
CG = 65mm to 70mm (2-9/16" to 2 -3/4 " (used online calculator as manual says 90mm and then picture saying 75mm)

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