Are there any RTF, or ARTF planes with 10" or less wingspan for $100 or less? - RC Groups
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Mar 23, 2003, 11:53 PM
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Are there any RTF, or ARTF planes with 10" or less wingspan for $100 or less?

If so, can you give me a link to where I could order them?
And your thought on how well they work?
It's not absolutely necessary, but I would kind-of like something that looked somewhat like a real king of airplane.
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Mar 24, 2003, 12:48 AM
Team 30 Micro EDF
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The only 10" ARF (so to speak) that I can think of are the E-Charger FF series. I looked at some of them, but wound up gutting them for the motors. They only had 22 - 25 square inches of wing, and it just didn't seem to be enough for the weight they would come out...

Cox and Estes both market some 13" electric FF models that do convert nicely to R/C called the Sky Cruiser Minis (Cox) or Spicy Wings (Estes). They are the same models (high-wing, low-wing, and low-wing v-tail), just different color schemes. They are 32 grams out of the box, and lose 3 to 5 grams during the conversion to RFFS R/C. They cost from $9 to $16 depending on whether you find them on sale or not.

I, and others, have converted a bunch of these, and they fly pretty good. You can fit the KP-00 in there no sweat, and either a 145 or 170 mah battery can be shoe-horned in. The ones we've done are aileron/elevator & throttle, and fly really well. My friend Chuck used one to test different motor/gear/prop combos, and wound up with an aerobatic low-wing model using the E-Charger motor, 5 or 6:1 gears, what appears to be a Peck Polymers prop, 170 LiPoly, RFFS. and 2 BSD actuators.

I wrote up a construction article for the high-wing version with knock-off wings that DWE has on their web site. I still need to polish and send Dan the updated article with the low wing models. The low-wing versions are easier to convert, and can be made with fully enclosed controls.

Here is a photo of three Spicy Wings with a 17" Dumas kit to keep them company...

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