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Mar 23, 2003, 10:19 AM
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Fuel Proof Spray Paints

I'm wondering if there is a fuel-proof spray paint out there anywhere. I'm not really talking about a modeling grade, but an inexpensive, readily available, typical spray paint. An example that I've already tested, but isn't fuel-proof, is Krylon. I haven't tried Plasti-Kote, or any other brand.

I would like to paint on secondary colors on one of my planes. Instead of the time consuming task of cutting out trim pieces of covering. This also uses up a lot of covering. I've already covered everything a base color, and just need to trim it with some stripes or a sunbrust.

I just need to find a fuel-proof paint, if such a thing exsists.

Anybody have any experience with these kinds of paints?

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Mar 23, 2003, 01:26 PM

Electrons not Nitro

Dude your in the wrong forum!! The only fuel we use around here are electrons...

From my past life, I do know for a fact that most Rustolium brand paints are up good to 15% nitro, except the metalic colors. The paint needs to dry for four to five days before allowing any contact with fuel. You should do a test with the color you want to use on some scrap before using on you finished product.

Good luck
Mar 23, 2003, 03:44 PM
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Actually this forum is not for electrics only. It's carefully positioned in "Aircraft - General" which includes all sorts .

But I can't help very much I'm afraid. I can tell you that Plastikote isn't fuelproof. However the only brands I have had any success with are probably not the same here in the UK as wherever you are.

I've found some of the acrylic sprays sold for car touchup to be fuelproof but it seems to vary not only by brand but even by colour, Also I never use more than 5% nitro, which makes a difference. Like the Rustoleum the Mike mentions the trick is to let them cure for several days before hitting them with any fuel.

Mar 24, 2003, 01:11 AM
I wasn't trying to chase you out. I thought this was part of e-zone, but I guess not.

Nelson paints are great to work with, you will need to add crosslinker for glo fuel. They will custom match colors for you also. You can purchase the paint at www.nelsonhobby.com

Mar 27, 2003, 07:49 AM
I care about rising air !
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I'm no expert on this, since I fly only sailplanes, "pure" as well as electric, but I think this might help you out :
Midwest Products

Mar 27, 2003, 08:39 AM
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Most solid colors of Rustoleum are fuel proof, but you must let them gas off for about a week before exposure. The clear is NOT fuel proof, and I believe some of the more "metallic" colors may not be either. Do tests before trusting any of them. Don't ask me how I know this! Good luck, Dzl
Mar 27, 2003, 12:52 PM
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Fuel Proof Paint


You may want to check out this link...


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