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Feb 03, 2010, 06:39 PM
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Tx/Rx for video


I have two questions, please:

1. I would like to know if the 2.4GHz transmiter in the Seagull Wireless Dashboard Flight System, can be used to transmit video signal from the OSD Pro. If so which receiver is needed, can the dashboard receive video and output it to the PC or a video capture device on the PC/Laptop, while reciving also telemetry data, and downloading it to the PC?
2. Is it posible for OSD Pro to receive and display data from the USART1 of the sparkfun's UAV Development board How to hookit up and configure?

Thank you
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Feb 05, 2010, 08:25 PM
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Thread OP
Hi Parvu,

re #1, no, video requires an enormous amount of bandwidth. A dedicated video Tx is required.

re #2, we presently don't support it. I think the only thing that would be "interesting" to the OSD Pro would be the pitch and roll values, so the AHI could be displayed on the OSD Pro screen. I believe the dev board would handle all the other functions, like autopilot/RTH.


Bill, for Eagle Tree
Feb 09, 2010, 01:16 PM
Aircraft Designer Guy
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I recently got an OSD pro with an e-logger V3. Out of the box, everything worked fine. When I connected it to the computer to update the display settings I was prompted to update the firmware. Now when I turn on the camera there is distortion on the lines where the battery display usually is. If I run just the camera with no OSD the distortion goes away. Any Idea why this might be happening?


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Feb 09, 2010, 01:46 PM
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Thread OP
Hi Adam,

My first guess is that the black level is too low under the "OSD Display Settings" on-screen menu. Could you set that to "4" and see if the probem goes away?

If not, could you post a snapshot or brief video ( or of the distortion?


Bill, for Eagle Tree
Feb 09, 2010, 06:22 PM
Aircraft Designer Guy
AJWoods's Avatar
That fixed it, had to set it to 5 to get the blurring to go away completely. Thanks for the help.

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Jul 08, 2010, 04:15 AM
KZ-850's Avatar
Hi Bill!
The OSD is needed flight time timer.
It must be activated after the simultaneous change of height and speed more than a certain value.
Is it possible to add this feature in new firmware?
Last edited by KZ-850; Jul 08, 2010 at 08:03 AM.
Jul 08, 2010, 01:43 PM
billpa's Avatar
Thread OP
KX-850, yes, a timer will be in our next major firmware release. We will probably have ways to activate it similar to the "logging triggers" feature of our eLogger (maybe we'll just use that!).
Jul 13, 2010, 10:23 AM
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A few questions about OSD Pro

Hi guys (and Bill)

I have eLogger with LCD Power Panel combo that I have been using for a long time for my aerial camera chopper and recently I bought an OSD Pro expander.

I have a few questions below if you guys could answer

1) Is it possible to change the txt size in the OSD pro's menu? My guess is no since I searched its entire menu and couldn't come up with anything. Just asking to make sure.

2) The Txt I see on my 7" LCD screen (GOTECH TFT Color LCD) is not clearly readable. I mean I can read it but when I see it on youtube videos or on ET's website, it looks much better. What would be causing this? That's why I asked the 1st question. If it was possible, I was going to increase the txt size to make it more readable.

3) In Eagle Tree's website, I saw a youtube video of OSD pro. And in the video, OSD pro was displaying Rx voltage. I would like to do that but can't find it in OSD pro's "Choose Parameters to Display" menu. How can I do that? How can I display the Rx voltage on the screen?

4) Is there a specific power up order when turning on the system? I am asking this because sometimes when I power up, OSD pro doesn't kick in. I don't see any on-screen-text. I then cycle the eLogger V3 or OSD pro and this generally restores the txt on the screen.
Why is this happening? Could it be because I use different Rx's for eLogger and OSD?
As a side note, my eLogger and OSD pro is connected to separate Rxs. eLogger is connected to Rx on the chopper and OSD pro is connected to the Rx on the camera mount. But this should not be a problem in my opinion because per the instructions, OSD pro does NOT need to be connected to any Rx. It can draw its power directly from eLogger...

So I would appreciate if someone (like Bill) answers the above questions for me.
Jul 13, 2010, 12:40 PM
Syberian's Avatar
1) no
2) Maybe swap your TFT to something large? also you can play with "white level" and "black level" in the on-screen menus.
3) you are not first. This is TempA parameter from Elogger. You can rename its displayed name from TpA to RxV or so. To measure voltage, you should pass that voltage via 10kOhm resistor to the 2nd pin of TempA triple and tick the box near kinda "use TempA for voltage measuring".
4) The OSD Pro doesn`t seem to draw the power from the servo inputs. But it`ll be better to power all the ET stuff from the single source.
Jul 13, 2010, 03:42 PM
Registered User
Syberian, Thanks for the reply...

My comments as follows:

1) Got it Thanks. No brainer...

2) I am pretty sure if I switch to larger monitor, it will help but the whole purpose of the R/C is to use small equipments, isn't it? I do not think my issue is due to the size of the LCD. There are monitors much smaller than mine.
I also messed with white and black settings and found that the best is the default (White=7, Black=4)
I don't know if the TFT has anything to do with readability. I am not all familiar with LCD technology. Maybe Bill can chime in and gives me his opinion on why I my txt is not clear. Is this about the type of the monitor, resolution, or has anything to do with the video camera, Tx or Rx...

3) Again thank you for this explanation. Yes, I do have "Temp A" parameter on OSD pro's menu and I already picked that one and changed the display name to RxV. But of course this will not be enough. So the below is what I gathered from your comment, please let me know if I got it right:

- You are saying use male to male servo extension and plug one end to Rx (into any available channel) and the other end to eLogger's "TempA" slot (The 2nd available from the end) . But I also need to modify the servo wire and I am to install a 10kOhm resistor on the power wire (red for Futaba). I guess installing the resistor on black (common) would be the same.

So please verify this for me...

4) OSD pro definitely draws power thru the servo wires. I am sure of it because;
- First, the OSD pro's manual mentions,
- Second, I was able to run the OSD Pro without eLogger and it displayed the txt on my screen.
How did I do that? Because as I said, I have 2 Rxs on board and OSD pro is plugged into another Rx. When I turned that Rx on, the OSD Pro powered up and I saw the opening screen. (Again at this time OSD pro wasn't connected to eLogger and eLogger was not powered up.) I can use the Aux1 and Aux2 to get into the menus and make any changes but it doesn't display anything once I exit the menus since it is not connected to eLogger...
I am unfortunately lost about the power draw order. I don't know which is the main power source: the main electric motor batter, Rx battery, or any separate back up battery. I am hoping Bill will read this and clear my mind up)

And lastly, I am unfortunately not able to run everything thru single Rx. I don't have enough channels both on the radio and on the Rx. So I have to use 2 Rx units...
Jul 14, 2010, 01:18 PM
Syberian's Avatar
3)Stop here! You`re about one step to fry your elogger! You shouldn`t use a full 3-wire cable! Trash the black and white wires off the plugs and let the red wire left in place. Then cut the red wire in a half and solder 10 kOhm between the plugs.
Thus you connected the TempA and RX with just one wire (red) thru 10 kOhm. Got it?

4) The osd and elogger are connected via soldered cable. So they are cannot be insulated. You wrote that you have powered OSDp and elogger from 2 different sources. That`s not quite right. While the OSD Pro connected to elogger, they draws the same power. It will be either elogger`s own source, or the receiver`s power, whichever has a higher voltage. These voltages are split by internal diodes to prevent feeding each other.
Assuming things said above, I believe that powering sequence doesn`t matter because you feed all the system when the first voltage was applied.
Sorry for my f**ng bad english, cause I can`t translate right anymore today...
Jul 14, 2010, 03:18 PM
Registered User
Thanks again...

3) I didn't fry anything yet)) I was going to remove the white wire but definitely not the black one. Now I will remove both and leave the red one ( the middle one in futaba J style connector). Cutting the wire and soldering the 10Kohm resistor is not problem. After that, one end goes to Rx (all the middle pins are power on Futaba Receivers) and the other end of the wire will go to the middle pin on eLogger where it is marked "TempA"

So I am hoping that I go it right this time... Still didn't understand the logic behind all this though. But I trust you...

4) I did some tests and more reading yesterday and I came to the same conclusion that running the eLogger and OSD Pro from different receivers (thus different batteries) is definitely not a good idea. I guess with that I will be connecting both power sources together possibly creating some conflict.
So since I do not possibly run everything on a single Rx, I decided to use one power source for each eLogger and OSD Pro. So I know keep the OSD pro plugged into the Rx (because I need to get into its menus thru my remote control and once it is connected to Rx, it already draws power from it).
On the eLogger side, I disconnected the backup power harnes that goes to the other Rx and I am letting eLogger run on a flight pack instead.
This way, eLogger will draw its power from the flight battery and OSD Pro will have a back up power from the other Rx unit and two Receivers I have will not connected to each other somehow. I tested the system this way and it is running. But as soon as I cut the backup power to OSD Pro, eLogger's internal regulator won't be able to feed both the eLogger and the OSD Pro because I am running high voltage packs (10s).

Thanks again Syberian and your English has no problem with me)

I still wait to hear from Bill about the text I see on my LCD screen. They are definitely not very readable...
Jul 14, 2010, 09:32 PM
Syberian's Avatar
3) This strange "one-wire" logic is simple. The temperature probes are measured differentially. So, actually the "black" and "white" wires on the TempX socket are not 'ground' or 'power' or 'signal' solely. Thus, if you want to measure the fully insulated voltage, you should pull the 'ground' wire there from any known pins, such as 'throttle'-'black'.

4) I got how you can power them separately! See this cable between osd and elogger? Just cut the red wire or pull it from the socket and insulate. Bang! The OSD pro can be powered from Rx2, and Elogger as usual - from own source or even the backup harness.
Nevertheless, they will have the same 'ground'. Keep it in mind.
Jul 15, 2010, 09:10 AM
Registered User

3) I got the 10kOhm resistor but not build the harness yet. Hopefully soon.

4) I see what you mean. Really the read wire on that 4-wire harness between eLogger and OSD Pro must be the power. So if I cut that, it sure cuts the power (but not the signal) between eLogger and OSD Pro. However, I don't think it is necessary for me to do that at this moment as my eLogger is not connected to the Rx1 anymore.
I now Power the eLogger from the main flight battery (10s pack). And the OSD pro gets its power from eLogger and the Rx2. If the manual is correct, then OSD pro should get its entire power from the Rx2 because eLogger's internal regulator provides 5volts and my Rx2 provides 5.4volts regulated power. The manual says that OSD Pro would pick the higer voltage. Thus, it should go with Rx2. And since I am not using the Rx1 to power eLogger anymore, there shouldn't be any connection between Rx1 and Rx2. This set up is currently working for me. BUT it may not once I plug in the GPS module. I will eventually buy this GPS V4 module and see what happens when I connect it. But I am not buying at this moment...
Jul 15, 2010, 04:40 PM
Registered User
I still wish to hear from Bill about question #2. Does he not check this forum frequently?

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