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Mar 21, 2003, 11:45 AM
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Big T vs Dandy for second plane

Anyone familiar with the Big T 52. Advertised with a 72" wingspan. I like the idea of a plane this size.{easier to see and therefore less orientation problems} . Would it require more flying space? Do any of you have any experience with this plane? Also what do you think of the combo package offered? Would you buy it as is or make some substitutions?
The Dandy appears to offer room for growth with the addition of the Dandy sport wing! Prices are about the same.
How do they compare as for as crashibility{is that a word?}?
Which of the two would you reccomend for a second plane for a newbie? {currently flying a Slowstick}
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Mar 21, 2003, 01:13 PM
EFlight=Fun,Big-T=BIG FUN
Big-T! I have a Big-T but he has a custom 8ft wing.
I would recommend you go with the standard 6ft wing.
BEC (Bernard Cawley) has a lot of experience with Big-T (did the Ezone review). PM him for really good info.
Here are some gallery pics (second article) of my Big-T (note there is a T-52 in the pic with my son).
Read here:

I fly my 8ft Big-T at a relatively small field. He is a trainer, not an aerobat (but I fly him as if he were ).
Changes - add the ailerons if it is time for you to fly an aileron equipped ship.
I went brushless but it is not needed.

Big-T is really survivable. See my nickname. He is about 18 months old and still flies fine - A little more battered, with more tape and glue but still FUN!
Bernard "Crash" Siegel
Mar 21, 2003, 03:33 PM
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Well, other than the pic in the link above, I have never seen a Big-T, but it seems to me that it is a completely different animal from the Dandy, in that one is HUGE and the other is smaller and much lighter.

I am also a newbie, and the Dandy is my second plane. My first was also the Slow Stick (unless you include the sky scooter, but i don't) and I built up the Dandy in a week. I had the maiden last week. It flys very nicely. A bit quicker than the Slow Stick, but floats really well. I also have the Sport wing which I will try once I'm really comfortable with the original wing.

If you do go with the Dandy, make sure the wing is true and then add a little washout. If you're used to the Slow Stick slow turns, the Dandy will have a bit of a tendancy to tip still without.

Have fun,
Mar 22, 2003, 09:00 AM
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If you want a plane that will fly well and still bounce when you crash, the Big T is a good choice. It's a larger plane that requires some room. Right at home at any club field, certainly.

Mar 22, 2003, 10:01 AM
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Spoke with the folks at jkaerotech and they said I could get the wingspan of my choice. I'm thinking maybe a 60" would be better than the 72". Large enough to be easily visible and small enough to maneuver in a smaller field. What do you think?
Mar 22, 2003, 04:45 PM
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JK Aerotech's T-52 is a classic trainer that is recommended constantly in the Foamies forum. Do a search on T-52. Great plane for learning!

Mar 22, 2003, 10:24 PM
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T-52 is and so is a Push-E-Cat from Garrison Aerodome. Both of these models can take alot of punishment. I know my T-52 did.
It is a T-44 Xtra now with ailerons and I am now using a 2 1/4" pvc gutterpipe as a fuse. Its complete with twin vertical stabs in the rear and is powered by a 3 to 1 geared 05 motor with 12x8 folding prop. Its no speed demon but it is perhaps one of my most stable models in the whole fleet. Flies like a beaut!!!

Mar 22, 2003, 11:43 PM
Clueless, but trying
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I'm still loving my Big T

I went from a FirebirdXL to the Big T, and then Big T with ailerons. Over 200 flights and I still love it! (Thats the ship in my avatar picture)

That being said, I've been flying it on my ranch which is just over 10 acres. BUT I frequently bleed into the surrounding pastures. The T52 is every bit as easy and definately would be cheaper for upgrades and battery choices... what I mean here is, you're S400 motors, batteries, and esc will easily convert for many other types of planes in the future. IMHO though, you'll probably never truly 'retire' a plane as fun as the JKA Big T or T52... especially when you cut in the ailerons!

Do a search on my posts to see other pics of mine.


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