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Mar 20, 2003, 10:43 PM
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Thoughts about CCPM kit for Raptor...

After flying my RappE since January, I decided to give it a weight reduction to see what effect that would have. No, not a "LiPo suction" (yet!), but a CCPM kit from

The kit consists of 3 carbon servo mounting plates w/ aluminum mounting blocks, a carbon anti-rotation brace, a superb machined aluminum swahplate from QuickUK, and misc nuts/bolts/pushrods. Everything was packaged neatly in plastic bags.

Installation only took one evening while watching TV. First step is to remove the collective arm and servo frame from the stock mechanism. The front two servo plates bolts directly into the frame's servo bearing block, while the rear plate sits on the gyro platform requiring very simple drilling of two holes. The antirotation brace bolts onto the two aluminum blocks on the front servo plates. Then the mainshaft was pulled out to replace the swashplate. At this point, the installation is pretty much complete. The rest of the steps are basically adjusting the ball links and configure the CCPM on the radio.

Although I don't have a scale to obtain the exact weight of the heli, it feels very close to my Logo 20 now. The overall assembly is much more precise than the stock mechanical setup, as most of the slops from swashplate downward are removed.

So far I have only one flight on it due to busy schedule this week. But I have already noticed much better climb rate, and the duration was increased by at least 30 seconds. Actual flight time should be longer, since my pack has been sitting around for a week waiting for the maiden flight. The precision of the CCPM system is easily felt on the sticks during flight. And the slight pitch up tendency during FFF is complety gone.

I have done some upgrades on this Raptor from it's former life as a slimer to the current electric power, but none made as drastic difference as the CCPM upgrade. The weight reduction and increase control precision alone are worth the price. Did I mention it comes with an awsome swashplate?

Many thanks to Albig for bringing such a great product to the electric as well as glow Raptor masses. I would not be suprised if ThunderTiger incorporates Al's elegant design into future Raptor kits. Get a patent while you can Al!

I have no association with electraflight, just an extremly happy customer.

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Mar 20, 2003, 11:24 PM
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Thanks Stephen,

I still have no idea why they stop pitching but mine doesn't either. They track better, flip faster and and are much simpler to set up. And 5 ozs really helps even on glow helis. Jason flew his RappE at Phoenix with a 7s4p lithium pack and the helicopter was incredible. I saw both a Logo and a CCPM E Raptor fly like they had a nuclear reactor for power. They were easily the fastest helis at the event.