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Mar 20, 2003, 06:54 PM
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Which plane should I get next

I am fairly new to RC airplanes. I got a wingo as my first plane. I have several packs and hours in the wingo and feel that I have mastered it. I would like to step up a notch to another plane. THe reason I post here, is that I would like something bigger. There aren't as many resources on larger sport scale electrics so I am having trouble finding one. I don't want a park flyer, I want to be able to fly in the wind.

That being said, what do you think I should get? I would like something with ailerons so that I can expand on my flying skills. I also would like something in the 480 or higher motor range. Ideally, I would like something in the 540 range, since I have a bunch of RC car 540 motors around.

PLease post your suggestions and thoughts. Thanks.
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Mar 21, 2003, 01:15 AM
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Wattage EP Hawk

The Wattage EP Hawk is a small 400 plane that is a very good flyer. It will cut through wind easy and is fast and fun.


Build it with the aileron config (but KEEP the dyhedrahl in the wing don't make the wing straight). This will make it very aerobatic but stable. It's really a surprise of a good flyer and is very cheap. It will be a full 4 channel setup, although if you have ailerons, the rudder is not critical.

If you don't want to do much building, the Sky Scotter Pro II is another choice. It has ailerons and if you set it up correctly -- no aileron droop, it's a great flyer. I spent hours on this plane in my local park when I was learning to fly. As you get better, you can do more aerobatics and fly lower and lower. It's very durable, just hot glue or epoxy any breaks.

-- Kyle
Mar 21, 2003, 01:46 AM
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What about the Great Plains Electric Cub, it uses a cheap car motor and the Great Plains GD-600 gearbox which is pretty cheap. Plus on 8 cells its a nice flyer, and she looks great in the air.

www.towerhobbies.com would have the kit.

Mar 21, 2003, 10:22 AM
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Don't know if you want a plane that you can grow with? Gary Wright's sport-e stick is a quick build, flies great on 8 cells but gets really peppy on 10. Standard setup uses a $25 endoplasma (car racing motor).

Very docile with low throws, aerobatic with high throws.

Have fun!

www.gwmp.net if you're curious.
Mar 22, 2003, 12:40 AM
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JKAEROTECH Big T. Look at their web site and see what you think. The T52 which I flew for many, many flights is great and if you need something bigger; then the BIG T with aileron mods may do


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