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Mar 02, 2009, 07:06 PM
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Build Log

CORR Pro2WD build-Thought id give a Trouphy Truck build a shot

hey peeps, thought i would show you the project ive been working on for the last month.
i figured i would see what i can do to make a 2WD PRO CORR truck with trailing arm suspension.
I started with a TL XXX-T chassis. Made a fair amount of mods to the rear end and shock tower and remounted it. I used a HPI WK axle for the rear with custom mouting plates (adds to the TT Details I think), axial high clearance links for trailing arms (used in reverse), tamiya pieces to mount them.
use Jammin X2-CR front shocks for the rear suspension, and Axial alum body shocks with blue firm springs for the front. need to take the spacer out of the front shocks yet and put new oil in as its a bit bouncy up front atm.
installed Traxxass 2075 servo for steering, and xl-5 wp esc and 21t motor for power running the XXX Tranny which is locked. Front C Hubs got Slash Carriers and spindles as the XXX setup uses bearings in the rims, and i want to use slash rims tires (will probably get a set of the Proline Switches). had to clearance the c hub on the front to get full turn radius without the spindle hitting the C hub. Works very smooth now. need to lock the steering servo in place yet.
used an axial ax 10 battery plate for the battery plate on the TT, and a waterproof reciever box between the rear shock towers, to keep it out of the way and safe. slash rims and tires (running opposites ie, front in rear, and rear in front for offset purposes) and a modified axle drive shaft.
all thats really left is to pick up a body (thinking the Proline Hardcore or the new one they have for the slashes) and a velcro mounting setup. the body will get a few mods for scale appearances as well.
heres some pics of the build process. all comments are welcomed.
concept (good ole MS Paint)

Some Inspiration

the Victim after modding the rear shock tower, this is the 1st position, i later modded the chassis furter to lower the shock tower to the bottom of the chassis where it currently is now.

axle and link mockup

initial layout of tranny links shocks four link setup ect....

first round of mockups and build done. checking squat charecteristics, suspension setup, drive shaft function, linkage set up ect.
full sprung ride height

front at full compression, rear at 1/3rd (front had red soft springs in front, now has blue firms installed)

rear shocks at 2/3rd compression (the axle also starts to roll over here, which allows it to compress a bit easier the last 1/3rd of the travel)

and at full squat

Got a few more parts last Saturday and the motor esc today, so this is where it is at right now. just needs body and a way to mount it.

im going to prolly run a 2s 4000 or 5000 mah pack. all in all im in around 200 or a bit more and only need a body and body mounting system. will run it with my React system. will get more pics and info when i get rid of the snow and 10*f weather. only thing i can see being a possible issue is the ball diff tranny. so i may put a locker in it (already tight and its not tight enough) or just put a slash tranny setup in it. i am also going to put either lighter springs on the rear shocks, or mount a 2nd pair of sprung shocks, and remove the springs on the Jammin shock. i may still yet use my original concept idea to use a pair of RC4WD dual spring shocks and a 2nd pair of thier remote resi shocks. will depend on how the maiden runs go, and what first setup changes i make and see how it handles. but i think it will do pretty well.
basic specs
Front Tracking 11.25 in
Rear Tracking 10.25 in
Wheel Base is 13.3 full up and 13.1 full compression (get a bit of pull in on the rear axle at full compresion, about 1/8th inch)
2s lipo power and stock slash electronics.
lmk what you all think.
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Mar 02, 2009, 07:24 PM
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I think that looks very interesting. It reminds me of project 21 by the Jang, except it resembles a trail truck somewhat. I can't wait to see how it looks with the body! Proline tires and wheels would really make it authentic. Also, you could check out the parma rattler body for the slash.
Mar 06, 2009, 10:31 AM
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Looks cool keep us updated .
Mar 06, 2009, 11:35 AM
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thanx, i ve made a few minor changes, still need a body and a way to mount it but its running atm.
Mar 17, 2009, 11:37 PM
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ok few pics of body on.

now you all can get a idea of what i have had pictured. this is only about 2/3rds the way built. probaby weighs around 3 lbs right now.
Mar 19, 2009, 07:09 PM
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after takig a good close look at what i had going on, and what i will need to do to do the rear shocks the way i want, i had to make a few changes. nothing to drastic, but now i have a bit better angle for the shorter rear shocks when i order them, and have room to mount both to the shock tower, and the trailing arm. still using the same rear shocks for mockup. i like this a bit more, and once i get the new rear shocks mounted it ll be better

old setup of rear on top, new on bottom

old setup of rear on top, new on bottom

i also mounted the ESC in a better, more safe position, as well as cleaned up the wireing so it looks cleaner.

will post more once i get back out and run. its only 33 today so it ll wait. lol
Mar 22, 2009, 08:58 PM
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Cool I like the build. Get to run it yet.
Mar 22, 2009, 09:33 PM
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yes, ive got thru a few packs in testing. just not as fast as i was hopeing even after going to a slash tranny and some tallarse gears, 76s and 28p. with out some Serious gearing in a tranny to help the lower diff/axle ratio, it ll take a BL to be up to a decent speed. So i think i may be about as done as i can get on it. will likely call it done, and sell it off maybe. Was hopeing for a bit more, without going brushless. i ll dink with it for a week or so before i make up my mind on it finially, but at this point, im thinking of selling or just parting it off.

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