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Mar 19, 2003, 09:13 AM
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Power system for 43" P-51?

I'm currently in the construction stages of a House of Balsa P-51. Here are the specs:
Wing span = 43 in.
Wing area = 334 sq. in.
Weight with radio = 40 oz.
I'm considering going with a brushless motor, probably a Mega 22/30/3. I'd also prefer to use Li-Poly batteries, too. Does anyone have suggestions regarding a suitable motor/gearbox/battery set-up? Thanks in advance.
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Mar 19, 2003, 08:26 PM
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I have a Herrr P-51 that has a 42" span that I powered with a Maxcim motor on 12 cells with a 3:1 gearbox and 14" prop. It weighs all up weight 64 OZ. It screams!!!! I plan to try 10 cells. I had to fly it at 1/2 throttle with 12. It flew great but way too fast for me. I may take the maxcim out and try a Jeti Phaser 45/3 direct. Mine has no LG and no rudder with a folding prop, I bungee launch it .
Mar 20, 2003, 09:44 AM
Balsa Flies Better!

Do some searching


Lots of folks have done this airplane. IIRC- a happy setup is about 300 watts on an 8" prop which should be pretty close to glow performance. I have the kit- I'd probably go with a Mega 22/20/3 and an 8 cell 4/5F AUP 1950 pack- which is nice and lightweight, but this airplane is sturdy- takes power well, and I've heard of things from direct drive ferrite motors to Astro 05 brushless setups. I'm flying an Apache which is a similar layout- 37 oz- 8 cell CP 1700, Mega 22/20/4 and a 9 x 5 folder- this would give better vertical pull at the expense of some top end. Might add a cell just for ha/has.

Jim- Now I've heard everything- that poor little Herr P-51 was supposed to weigh 24 oz or so with a 10 in the snoot, and you drop a Maxcim in it? That has got to be the record for overpowering that airplane.


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