Your favorite R/C community has even more to offer!
Features Standard Membership RCG Plus Table Logo
Access to RCGroups forums, maps, clubs, classified ads and community events. Checked Checked
Post blog entries, new threads, and interact with other R/C enthusiasts around the world. Checked Checked
Receive up-to-date information about recent activity within the R/C community. Checked Checked
Browse through thousands of photos and videos posted by your fellow R/C enthusiasts. Checked Checked
Read and post items in the RCGroups Plus forum. Not Checked Checked
Receive an upgraded skin and supporter badge on all your postings. Not Checked Checked
Increased space in your private mailbox (up to 2000 messages). Not Checked Checked
Link to your most recent blog entry at the bottom of all of your posts. Not Checked Checked
Highlighted blog posts. Not Checked Checked
More prominent classified ads. Not Checked Checked
Remove external (Google) advertisements. Not Checked Checked
Shorter waiting periods between posts and searches. Not Checked Checked
Prominent member search listing. Not Checked Checked
Increased search results. 600 1200
Increased saved-search capacity. 3 100
*Note: Billing for an RCG Plus subscription renews automatically until the subscription is cancelled. Members may cancel their subscription at any time. Not all RCG Plus features are available while using the 'Classic' or 'Mobile' page style.