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Posted by randomtask | Sep 27, 2006 @ 11:35 PM | 2,937 Views
I have moved my blog to a more permanent one at http://aeromodellersanonymous.blogspot.com/

Check it out if you have already enjoyed this blog

Posted by randomtask | Sep 21, 2006 @ 05:58 AM | 2,702 Views
Since the last blog entry, I have decided to get another plane. A glider. The Multiplex Easy Glider. A glider is not considered a normal plane right? You can only fly it during glider season, not any other weekends like my other planes.

So how much will this little investment be?
My estimated price list:
1. Multiplex easy glider: SING$123.50
2. Hitec Electron6 Rx w crystal: SING$80.00
3. 2 x Hitec HS55 Servos: SING$55.00
4. 2 x Hitec HS81 Servos: SING$Dunno (I reckon $80)
5. Rx Power Pack: SING$Dunno
6. Misc (extension wires, EZ connectors, etc): SING$20

Even without knowing the price of everything I need, it will already set me back around SING$270.00. Makes me think twice now about getting it. This support group of anonymous people viewing my blog is really helping me get over the constant need to get new planes.

Until the next time, Happy Landings.

Posted by randomtask | Sep 20, 2006 @ 03:42 AM | 3,028 Views
Hello one and all.

My name is RandomTask and I have and aeromodelling addiction. I purchased two planes in the past three weeks and now I have three planes altogether. Slope season is coming soon and it seems I have to get another plane. I could sell off one of my planes for the glider I intend to get, but that mean I would have to sell a plane which I have not flown yet or one which has only one flight under its wings. My favourite plane (which my wife absolutely abhors) is a Hacker Super Zoom. I simply cannot bear to part with it either as it has gone through alot of hard and unscheduled landings (read: crash) and it still will fly like nothing happened.

I started this hobby/sinful addiction/vice in April. Since then, I've gone through a Slowstick (duly gave away to serve a new owner as a great starter plane), an E-Starter (sold away to fund the SuperZoom), a Hacker SuperZoom (faithfully flying hard), an Airfoilz Yak (awaiting motor) and lastly, a Hacker Mini Mustang Reno Racer (only one flight under its wing as it was a tad underpowered and was very prone to tip stalls.) That is just the planes. I sold off my Futaba 6EXAP for a second hand Futaba 9CAP.

I need help before this hobby becomes an obsession (as if its not already).

I really wish there are support groups for us obsessed people. This hobby is a great respite from the doldrums of the busy weekdays but I do believe we have to spend time with our wives and kids and families (our who?). In this blog I will hope to find some solace in the fact there are people worse off in their obsession with the aeromodelling hobby (hehe just kidding). But I hope we can share ways where we can achieve a balanced hobby-work-family life (note hobby came first in that list). So let the blogging begin.

Happy Landings