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Posted by Kenpilot | Mar 20, 2012 @ 01:59 PM | 5,839 Views
Second Quadcopter is now airworthy: I-Fly 4 with Rabbit FC with HDG, BARO, and ACC / GYROs and camera STAB running on 3s 2100 batteries. Getting this thing running was quite an adventure. It came in ARF form from China, no instructions. Everything was hooked up, all I had to do was extend the folding frame arms, tighten, hook up that battery and receiver and FLY - RRRRight!

Battery balance cable was hooked up backwards from the factory so when I connected it, POOF - magic blue smoke. Luckily I disconnected as quickly as I could. Thought it was bricked at this point, but with help from the Rabbit thread on RCG I managed to get the thing running. This included downloading software to an old clunky PC and making sure everything was running nominally.

Sonar board is toast, otherwise the thing flies better than my FY 90Q that was retrofitted on my Hobby Lobby Quad.

Safe to say I'm hooked. Next up, Quad in a cross configuration, then maybe a HEX 6. We'll see.

Having way too much fun.
Posted by Kenpilot | Mar 09, 2012 @ 08:53 PM | 5,119 Views
I've been really enjoying my Hobby-Lobby ERC Quadcopter. Being new to the whole quad scene, never having flown an R/C HELI, this has been an adventure.

The HL Quad is a great product. Comes with motors, ESC's, Arduino/Bobs Shield / Multi Wii controller already made and programmed, BlueSkyRC Quad frame and arms. It flies very well, and considering I'm a beginner and its still in one piece - that's saying a lot about the quality of this flying machine.

I've modified it with colored props and other visibility schemes, and some landing gear. Here are a couple screen grabs from video.

I'm HOOKED on Multirotors...