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Posted by Kenpilot | Feb 21, 2010 @ 07:24 AM | 3,869 Views
Making videos is fun for me. Flying a Cub yellow Goldberg off white snow on a clear sunny day makes for some beautiful video in my humble opinion. These are two (and the last two for this season) videos of the Goldberg Cub on Du-bro skis flying off snow in gusty wind conditions.

Onboard video clips:

R/C Goldberg Cub-Touch and Goes on the Snow With Onboard Video! (5 min 53 sec)

(I do not know why youtube does not allow embedding on this video....maybe it will come up later.)

Posted by Kenpilot | Feb 19, 2010 @ 06:40 PM | 5,219 Views is making the custom fit Cub articulated gear now. Just finished installing a set on my Goldberg Cub.

Here are a few pictures comparing my World Models 1/5 scale with Robart gear with the Carl Goldberg Cub with set.

Look forward to the re-maiden of the Goldberg.

Need it to either get cold again in the northeast or warm enough to melt the snow AND dry out the mud.
Posted by Kenpilot | Feb 17, 2010 @ 12:36 PM | 4,143 Views
This has been a tough winter so far in NJ. The skis on my BP parkflyer little Cub have seen much action. So today I decided to fly my Goldberg Cub with Dubro .60 size skis. The wind was gusting to 17kts, and it was challenging. Here is a quick picture which to me looks like a little piece of heaven. I don't mind winter so long as I can either fly or go skiing. Playing with the kids in the snow is also one of the blessings of winter for me.

Looking through some video from today, lots of good shots!

Posted by Kenpilot | Feb 04, 2010 @ 07:52 PM | 4,344 Views
No, I'm not in the southern hemisphere, but it was just warm enough to maiden the 1/5 scale Cub with the O.S. 81 fs today. Tomorrow we get dumped on with snow.