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Posted by iflytrikes | Mar 18, 2011 @ 10:45 PM | 2,102 Views
I want to start a formation flying team... a full blown AEROBATIC TEAM .. RC of course

Looked high (naturally) ...looked low ... but not much insights on this.
Did some thinking on this and want to share and build on the idea.
So i start this thread.

Discussion and ideas are required for :-
1. What are the levels of flying going to be
2. Type of Models (Electric Vs. Gas)(Big Vs. Small)(Trainer Vs. Mid Vs...... 3D??!!!!)
3. No. of flyers (Start with 2? .... increase by 1 or 2 or 3 ???)
4. Kind of support equipment ...Wing levelers, FPV?!!! , Heading Hold gyro ????? ... RTL AP ??!!!
5. How to train (sim, field...various flying excercises, communication execercises)
6. Team structure and field placing ! - Pilots + Coordinator / Observer + Video monitor cum additional observer
7. Sponsorship and its related issues.
8. Government legislation, safety and security issues.
9. Smoke generators, streamers, lights, sound generators ... pilot visual aids or audience entertainemnt !!!

feel free to add.
Posted by iflytrikes | Oct 22, 2006 @ 01:20 AM | 3,089 Views
Some time back i made a promise to post some pictures of the uav im building....
here are a few ... acutally now its more of a glorified rc model sailplane uav thingy .... whatever.
the model is ready to be flown...
i forget who had given me the advise to use an FS-8 ... I wish to thank you very much for the idea... it may still save my buns.
well i have installed it ...
test flight is pending
a very nervous guy here.