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Posted by Laurence Carroll | Jul 10, 2012 @ 10:40 PM | 2,691 Views
Well I was out on Monday this week and flying this one.doing circuits!!...and one stall, which drops the left wing btw!!...It recovers very well in about 5-10 feet...

This is the MS Composites Citabria EPP 3 channel one...see the review here on the EZone

I am really enjoying flying it I moved up to doing touch and goes!!...As noted in the review above you do have to land with about 1/4 have a smooth approach and touch down. I tried without by cutting power at about 5 feet but she tends to drop in and nose over...too much drag I think...much better with some power on. We had a cross wind today but from the opposite direction than usual so I was able to do circuits etc in the opposite direction. Also manage the cross wind...she weather vanes easily in a gust but otherwise you can fly were you want to..get used to having to hold full rudder to counter the wind though..!!..

I also flew my CS Eagle DLG EPP and am really pleased with it now!!.. I followed the YouTube video Paul Naton has on his channel about the EPP/EPO.??Radian's...his idea of putting some clear plastic covering on the top of the airfoil seem s to have helped on the CS Eagle...I used the book cover covering as it has sticky stuff on one side, which although it doesn't stick to the EPP foam does to the fiber plastic tape...which sticks ok to the EPP...this is alot cheaper than the heat stick laminating film you can get... I have also figured out how to slave the flap channel to the throttle on the DX6i which now gives me full range flaps when I flick the Flap switch down...(BTW this model uses full ailerons)

I plan to do a YouTube video to show how I did this with the DX6i as I haven't seen that so far..mainly just how to get 3 position flaps...


Posted by Laurence Carroll | Jun 22, 2012 @ 07:00 AM | 2,587 Views
A couple of photos of my Playboy SNR at the field today...last flown with Dad back in about 1996-97...great fun to be flying this one again today...I hope Dad was watching from some where....Laurie
Posted by Laurence Carroll | Jun 22, 2012 @ 06:53 AM | 2,480 Views
I now have 4 models flying again..

Canterbury Sailplanes Eagle DLG trainer
MS Composites Citabria EPP trainer
RC M Bug SAL glider
Playboy Snr O/T electric

and it has surprised me recently about how much maintenance I have been doing.

The Eagle is back flying again today as I finally figured out how to slave the Flaps to the Throttle on my DX6i...its great now as I have fully variable flap on this DLG sailplane...I now use the flap toggle to turn this on or off...I plan to do a video on my YouTube channel to show how its done....

The Citabria is what I achieved my Wings Badge with on Wednesday the previous week... Then I re-measured the CG and took it back to get it in the correct range... its a bit more sensitive now, but I still run out of up elevator on landings...I even started doing take offs the other day with it rather than hand launches..

The RCM Bug had another fuselage repair to do and it is flying again is such an easy chuck about that I like taking it to the field...but am thinking about using the Rx in a larger fuller performance DLG...

I am really pleased to be able to say I have the (Astro kit I think) Playboy back in the air. Today's flights were the first after flying it with my late Dad back in about 1995/96 at our old place in Puni...I had to land it then in the next door paddock..It is now using a Turnigy ESC that handles LiPo's (2100mah)..its was really neat seeing it gliding back in with the prop just turning over...

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Posted by Laurence Carroll | Oct 09, 2011 @ 06:46 AM | 3,057 Views
I have been sufering again. Even though I have a desk fan set up to blow them accross from my face etc....I get a hay fever like reaction in my sinusus....its a real nusance....had to stop building and flying for a few days till my nose settles gets me right at the front of the bridge to my nose...have to keep on pinching to stop the sneezing from starting...

I read an article in an old Model Aviation issue I think or it may have been RCM....I will be trying the non fumes one shortly otherwise its back to Fuller white glue etc....

Posted by Laurence Carroll | Sep 21, 2011 @ 07:58 AM | 3,148 Views has been windy and wet here for nearly a week!!...So I have started a new build....the Wolfie which was published as a free plan in I think RCM&E (will check in the AM) is a small powered glider with CD size motor and very modern looks...I have the fuze partly framed up and the wing is now framed up...tail surfaces are shortly...

Also I have had a partial fuselage for a Dave Thornburg "Sunbird" around for years and the magazine issue as well...I decided to dig out the plans...which were near the bottom of that pile!!...This was published in Model Builder April 1980. I was reading here recently that some one has all the magazines issue/plans scanned in and on a DVD for USD 75.00.....I will be saving up for that as I always enjoyed the style of this magazine and the designs they had etc...Apart from always liking this design I saw in the DLG section the design by Doug Montgomery which has a T Tail and almost no DLG type sub fin...The Sunbird has a similar arrangement and I am going to find out if it's DLG able as is in that respect...I do plan to add carbon to the spars plus a launch peg.......???...Rgds....Laurie
Posted by Laurence Carroll | Sep 16, 2011 @ 10:22 PM | 3,165 Views

I have been trying this out to stop the verticle tails popping off on heavy landings etc.. These photos are off my RCM Bug...the verticle tail had a layer each side of newsprint and white glue (50/50 glue and water) plus this polyester fabric. I use cheap $2 shop CA and dribble it on then let it set (no accelerator) and so far it is working very well.

The paper system (Structure-less Foam Composite- SFC) is from Ron st Jeans articles in Model Aviation magazines..April 1982 and August 1983...

I hope this is of some use out there....Laurie

It is definately working...
Posted by Laurence Carroll | Sep 12, 2011 @ 06:44 AM | 3,579 Views
I have it flying now ok and have sorted out getting the canopy to stay in place (rubber band ala John) with a lip at the front end...also used the dress liner and $2 shop super glue to reinforce the under side, making it a f very stiff piece of balso now...I have posted some photos on the Yahoo Group for the Bug...
Posted by Laurence Carroll | Sep 12, 2011 @ 06:41 AM | 3,406 Views

well I was at the local field three Sundays ago flying my CS Eagle DLG and David offered to give it one of his power launches...the cheap $2 shop super glue came to the fore as the top and sub fins both popped off at the start and then the wing separated but was held on by the tounge flap of EPP and strapping tape over the root LE....a bit of a laugh actually as I was expecting to get a real high launch height for a change!!...the model rolled inverted an into the deck...but undamaged really apart from flying parts flying off...

Once the guys knew I was using the cheap super glue we agreed I really needed to use top quality stuff or epoxy....I used epoxy to set them back in place plus a reinforcement which I will photo and put up here later..

The wing concerned me as I hadnt expected the Gorilla polyurethane glue to separate cleanly as it did....and I am sure I would have sanded the strapping tape to provide a good gripping part the glue wasn't in contact with the wasnt on thick enough to contact the rear part of the wing..(this is about 3 years ago now) ..I re-glued this in place (after giving all a sanding ) with 5 min epoxy and it is now alot more firmer I expect...

I am going to let the guys at CS know so they can alter the instructions/glue etc...

My model is now back flying agin ok....the sub fin fix is holding real well know...I have had to add more aea to the pull/pull horn on the elevator as it popped off again later after...Continue Reading
Posted by Laurence Carroll | Aug 22, 2011 @ 10:02 PM | 3,279 Views
In the meantime we have moved twice and are now settling into the new place here in Tuakau. So I am only a few minutes drive to the RC field the Tuakau Club uses..!!!!..Brilliant!!!!...

I have been flying my DAV Dragonnettte but it is more of a sloper I think compared to current Mosquito class designs.

Last Sunday tere was a bunch of blokes from the club enjoying the fine weather after the Snow we had briefly a week or so ago...The thermals started around lunch time rather well..One Radian got up into it and had a really good flight...Several of the guys were flying electrics and we had one IC powered RV3...A coue of the guys had their DLG models flying as well...Dave lost is best performing HLG balsa into the thermal forming over the field...he hare tailed off over the back fence..with binocs I think but it just kept climbing out....

I think it is Stuart who is also flying DLG and has a smaller one from the RC Grouops site by Daniel/Daniels..??...which went really well...we had a good yack about the construction...I put him onto the Elf which has some interesting construction methods etc...

Today (Tuesday) is a similar one at the field but I had it all to was interesting as the wind kept changing directions by about 100-120 degrees then go I think then I was in the midst of it ready to lift off...????

I tried DLG'g my Canterbury Sailplanes Eagle and started to learn how to DLG after giving it a few javelin type launches....I managed to...Continue Reading
Posted by Laurence Carroll | Aug 22, 2011 @ 09:46 PM | 3,186 Views
Dad passed away suddenly on the 6th June(just a few days after my previous entry) on Saturday morning from an aneurysm...Mum got him to the Middelmore Hospital ok but Dad didnt survive after the second operation to repair the damage. He had a heart attack after the first operation but things then went down hill and after the second one the Doctors advised we should turn off the gear helping him to survive....He passed away after 5 minutes....Dad wouldn't have wanted to be crippled in some way and things were beginning to shut down, so we were sure Dad was ready at that stage to be going...hop the twig as he used to say....its now about two years later and I am really glad he taught me how to make model aircraft and did heaps to support my interest realier on. It has been a great way to get past this sudden happening and feels good to be doing something we both enjoyed very much.

We greatly appreciated the marvelous work done by the Emergency staff and Intensive care staff that evening, they were an amazing bunch of people and pulled out all the stops to help Dad.
Posted by Laurence Carroll | Jun 01, 2009 @ 04:31 AM | 3,895 Views
So you can see what repair I did..I believe the plastic Corroflute should last longer being more flexible.....have to also recheck the C of G...Laurie
Posted by Laurence Carroll | May 31, 2009 @ 09:57 PM | 3,508 Views
Its a brilliant but cold day here...clear blue skies and light breeze at the field..No one else there..I think they must have been there yesterday when I slept in expecting bad weather as forecast but it was like today!!... did a check of controls and had to reverse the elevator..that was easy to do actually...the Spektrum DX6i is I am finding easy to navigate the screen menu's etc.....

Did a range check then (not the one in manual) and tried a few straight ahead launches into the wind..they were ok and the controls worked well....(I have a pull/pull system on the elevator)....

On the last toss it landed a bit sideways and broke of the lower balsa fin.... I have now replaced that with a corroflute (Warehouse Stationery) one which is plastic and should be a bit more flexible I hope

Posted by Laurence Carroll | May 30, 2009 @ 11:22 PM | 3,109 Views

The clubs AGM was Saturday a weeke ago and I am officially joined up...... The Tuakau R/C Club (not sure what the official name is)

We fly at the sports field on I think its Alexandre Rd or Redoubt Rd just Sth of Tuakau...a couple of fields up from the Pony clubs ones....