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Posted by bartwaw | Jun 06, 2015 @ 05:15 AM | 2,613 Views
Few words about my helical antennas.

I've got CNC mill, laser, lathe and 3D printer. So antennas are made on them.

As usual, all that I'm making was firstly made for me. As usual, few buddies on field looked and they also want to have them.

Coil holders are made on CNC and on laser.
3.5 turn and 5 turn are usually cut on laser. 7 turn and 9 turn are cut on cnc.
Coils are wind on tool that I've made. Coil winder is very accurate cos was made on CNC lathe.

Coil is made from pure copper covered with thick layer of silver.

Reflector is form FR4 with thick layer of copper.

Cable is soldered with good tin. Usually i use Multicore or Flutin tin with high additive of Ag.

All antennas available on my ebay:

3.5 turn

3.5 turn FLUO

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