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Posted by rz22g | Nov 25, 2012 @ 08:51 AM | 5,465 Views
Just picked one up at TNR Hobbies in Mojave and doing a little review. I already had the AnyLink on my DX8 so we went with the TX-R version.

Assembly: Easy

Horizontal Stab requires pulling control wire out slightly so you can attach to horn then sliding Stab into position as you route the wire back into the quick connect on servo horn. Once in place the Horizontal Stab is attached with a screw from the end.

Vertical Stab is even easier. Drop into place while aligning the rudder actuator wire and then attach with screw from the bottom.

Wing attachment is as simple as routing and connecting wires to the RX. You leave the wing detached while you adjust control surface linkage for aileron, rudder and elevator. Once completed you can attach the wing.

Landing Gear should be checked prior to attempting maiden flight. With the gear out check that gear mechanism is locked. You can check visually as well as applying pressure to the front of the gear to see if it collapses. The manual shows you how to adjust if the gear is not locked.

LOCKTITE !!!! The wheel nuts on the axles. On take off we were surprised to see one wheel continue 300 feet down the runway after we lifted off. If you want to leave the nuts on you can use Green Penetrating Locktite.

Performance and Flight Characteristics...

Take off.. One mistake I see with tail dragger takeoffs is keeping the tail wheel down to long. With the Corsair I move very slow for about 10 feet with all three...Continue Reading
Posted by rz22g | Oct 31, 2012 @ 09:27 PM | 6,285 Views
I am generally into helis. Started out with planes but moved to helis and recently went strictly helis so I could advance. I have never really been that interested in Quad Copters even if they are full 3D and especially not in fixed pitch Quads.

This all changed when I flew the SQ1 by Heli-Max. Picked one up at TNR Hobbies, our local hobby store. Once I flew this little bad boy I was immediately impressed. $99 RTF and it works great. Although I tried the RTF version I opted for the TX-R version and used the AnyLink with my DX8. I did not think it was possible but I was even more impressed with this setup over the RTF. The controls are more precise and responsive. Either way is a great setup but I recommend the TX-R if you have a nice TX already.

I messed with the gyro gain and found this thing can be very aggressive or extremely mild. I punched up the % and was able to flip and roll but as expected it flips and rolls like a fixed pitch, which it is. Point is you can do it. Once I got that out of my blood I found 35% to be great for indoor crusing as I sit on the couch. 50% is better for outside as you can move around faster and this thing is capable of moving very fast.

This little thing is rugged. I smacked the wall several times when testing gain. Had gain to high and it did not respond fast enough when I tried to flare to a stop. It bounced right off , hit the floor, bounced more and into another wall. Luckily it landed straight up and took right off again.

If your looking for a great indoor / outdoor quad thats rugged I highly recommend this one.