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Posted by The_Dave | Nov 09, 2010 @ 11:36 PM | 2,362 Views
It has been some time since I "bloged" anything....much has changed!

Both Jake and I are flying turbine powered models now and we have some degree of success. Jake flys a BVM Bandit ARF in Navy Hi-Viz scheme and I am on a Elan in the same Navy scheme. Both are powered by evoJet Booster 90 turbines, evoJet is also our sponsor and we are both factory pilots for evoJet. The flying season is just starting fir us and we hope to make many events over the next few months....
Posted by The_Dave | Sep 02, 2006 @ 12:17 AM | 3,238 Views
Today we mounted a BL 400 inrunner on the mini bee. Jake was excited to fly this new motor and was hoping that it would perfrom as we have had nothing but trouble with brushed motors and speed controllers.

The test flight went very well right up until we lost roll control. The bee spun in from 100 fett up and Jake either did not reduce the power or it was locked out but either way in went in @ 300 MPH. Toasted everything!

Will have to start over.....