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Posted by flyarmy58 | Oct 19, 2011 @ 06:09 PM | 3,552 Views
Ok, the T-33 is ready for a maiden. It's pushing around 350 Watts with a Don's wicked 5400kv motor. AUW of around 15-16oz I think. I hope to fly it this weekend.

Also got the Sync maidened. It flies great with the sport wing and stock setup.............but I'm installing a Hoffman mighty mite 5850Kv motor. With a fresh of the charge battery it hit 600Watts!!!!!! Just throttle up and let go, hehe

The F22 is in progress.....pushing 375 Watts per side with an AUW of about 38-40oz. So it should do ok.
Posted by flyarmy58 | Sep 19, 2011 @ 07:19 PM | 3,759 Views
Sapac F-22 Twin 64MM
Skyangle T-33 Single 50MM with Dons wicked setup 5400kv
Walkera SU 27 Twin 70MM
Great Planes Syncro....Ducted fan glider

I have toooo many projects. Gave my Eflite Champ its maiden....very windy day also

Upgraded My T-28 with new Turnigy 35-36C motor....AWESOME!

Still working on the blue 3DHS for its maiden, as well as the Sig senorita.

And my 5 broken Belt Cp helis, haha