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Posted by bmoke | Jul 16, 2012 @ 05:00 PM | 3,236 Views
Here are photos of my three multirotors, as of 7.16.2012. I have homemade LED light strings attached to my small quad. It works very well for training hops in the backyard, during TV commercials, at night. The small quad and the tri are fitted with HK KK v2 FC boards. These do not have the LCD and/or the auto level. My larger quad is fitted with a Crius Lite. The Tri is fitted with a used coffee creamer plastic bottle body. It aids with the visual orientation. It really does. The quad is also fitted with a yellow visual aid. I used a piece of scrap Dollar Store white foam board (without the paper backing) and used some Aleene's Tacky Glue, from the arts and crafts store, to stick them together. I can see THAT yellow silhouette a football field away and not get nervous about figuring out whether the multi is ok or upside down.

I started flying the Tri with 8x4.5 blades, both slow fly and APC. These worked real well, but they draw a lot of current in light work, about 15 amps total. The GWS DD-9050 pull about 12 amps total in the same type of work. The Tri uses RCTimer 20amp ESCs. They get pretty warm. But, again, my battery re-charge calcs say the loads are 15 and 12 amps total, or 5 and 4 amps, per motor/esc, depending on the prop.

My 2 HK KK boards fly straight as an arrow, with no unexpected behaviors. They are totally stable and go where you point them.

The Crius Lite has been a challenge. Tuning the mechanical and electrical aspects of the quad have taken a lot of time. Now, I think I am very close to dialing in a set of PIDs for fast forward flight, but it has taken me a while to get here. Many people have had success without too much effort. My home brew setup has taken a lot of trial and error tuning and flight testing. Some positive testing today actually prompted me to add this blog entry.
Posted by bmoke | Jan 11, 2012 @ 07:37 PM | 3,086 Views
Time flies. No pun intended. Already January 11,2012. New Jersey has been blessed with much warmer than usual winter weather. Only one dusting of snow. Temperature at 7:30pm is 45 deg-F. Tomorrow we expect 60 deg-F. Then cold weather will move in. Grass is still green and soft, plush. Plenty of time to fly the quads. My printed circuit board plans for this winter have been stalled, until the cold weather confines me to the house.

The first shot, with a basswood quad is functional. It is heavy. I posted some pics of a power distribution system. Great idea, but heavy, with long leads. My second quad used shorter leads and lighter gauge wire.

First quad used 8-4.5 props, 480mm mtm, CF2822, 1200kv motors, 3S lipo with AUW about 975 grams. The second quad is again basswood, 10-4.5 props, RCT 2830-14, 750kv motors, 3S lipo, with AUW about 975 grams. The 750kv motors on a 3S lipo are slow. Once the battery starts to bleed down, response is noticeably slower. Still, at 520mm, it is a fine size and flies well.

I have photos, over the last 60 days. I need to post these too. Later.
Posted by bmoke | Nov 04, 2011 @ 09:44 PM | 3,471 Views
November 04, 2011

Added some photos:

1. These show a 19.5 inch (500mm) MTM quad frame, made of 1/2 inch square basswood, with Emax CF2822 1200KV motors.

2. Also, some shots of a power distribution board idea. All the wire are on one plane. Total of 3 wires (continuous, not spliced) are soldered to bus bars of copper.

3. Finally, an oldie but goodie. My first homemade fixed pitch RC glow fueled heli (circa 1972). Later, the ship was stripped for parts. The photo was taken recently in my attic aircraft hangar graveyard.

Getting late tonight. May have to resize the photos, later. The originals are so large.
Posted by bmoke | Oct 27, 2011 @ 11:59 AM | 3,959 Views
October 27, 2011

So much to do. So little time to do it.

Posted a couple of Private Messages lately, so maybe I need to update the Blog, if only a little.

Put in a fair amount of time into building 2 Slow Combat planes and flew them extensively in the early spring 2011. We have a large meadow nearby - the dike - that is a huge area where Delaware River dredge spoils have been deposited. It is filled with phragmites, and you will not find a square foot where you can actually take off or land, except for a hand launch. That is where I flew, before the vegetation bloomed in late spring.

Went back to work for 2 months in April-May 2011. Rode my road bike through the summer and flew the helicopter. By this time, the dike was totally overgrown and not flyable. Went back to work for 2 months during Aug-Sep-Oct.

Retired again. Now I have been consumed with multi rotor helis. A new challenge. My eyes are crossed after reading hundreds of posts in this subject area. I still need to do tons more reading, before I can intelligently post a question, of value. I have ordered parts and they should begin to arrive shortly. Let the fun begin.
Posted by bmoke | Jan 10, 2010 @ 08:20 AM | 3,517 Views
January 10, 2010

My first blog entry, anywhere. My web page has been pulled down, for now. so this is all I can really share with you.

My hobby modelling goes way back, to both planes and helicopters. So way back, I might rather not talk about it. But, there is a lot I have seen and done - all very memorable and useful for myself and others. Most times we talk about the good old days. I many respects, there were the good old days. Today, though, she is not so bad, either, and again, in some respects.

My current obsession is the mini electric helicopter. I have an original heli that I should photograph and post, FYI. It was a prototype, as most were, back in 1972. It was built from scrap pieces of aluminum plate, flat stock and tubuler material. It was inspired by a demonstration I observed in Doylestown, PA, circa 1972, when Dieter Schluter flew a Bell Huey heli at the World RC Plane Championship. I was a spectator, along with my dad. That experience propelled me and my dad into RC modelling, although he was a propeller head and I was a rotor head.

In the RC electric heli hangar I currently have one 30 size alcohol fuel heli and two sixty size fuel helis. My radios include a Futaba 9Z and a JR 10SX. I still use an old Futaba FP-T7UHF system too. For the mini EXI T-Rex 450, I recently purchased the Spektrum DX6i.

My fixed wing flying skills are only mediocre. I am an engineer by schooling and trade, although I am mostly retired now. I pick up...Continue Reading