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Posted by Flyfan | Sep 04, 2006 @ 01:39 AM | 3,701 Views
--------------- FLYFAN'S BLOG ---------------------

I live in Tropical Cairns Australia and fly indoors, outdoors and on the slope.

Brief resume -

I built a few balsa kits when I was young, had a control line plane that I could never get anyone to launch, designed a small hovercraft for .049 engine and experimented with a few own designs, but no radio control, so it's lucky they didn't fly far!

In 2001 as my 50th birthday approached I decided to build a light model plane with an electric motor. I didn't know these were available, I thought I was being a pioneer!! I took the RC from a $10 toy car, this was just throttle on/off. My plane flew, just!!!

A few months later I discovered the world of Electric flight was way ahead of me. I read some magazines, drooled over some catalogues and bought my first Tx on 20th March 2002. I fitted servo's to my home design plane and began to teach myself to fly. After a few weeks I bought a little 'stik' plane and that allowed me to focus on learning to fly rather than also fixing design faults in my own plane.

I met a group of people who fly in my area, and began to fly at the field, up the slope and in a small hall.

In 2004 I bought a Revolution 3D from Tim, '3D Crazy' at and have been addicted to 3D ever since. I'm still struggling to hold a hover or be in perfect control but the EPP plane and it's 3D capabilities have me hooked. I really miss rudder control on my other planes.

Below are 2 pics of some of my planes, me and my 1988 Corvette. The vette is another whole story -