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Posted by roosevelt | Oct 22, 2006 @ 07:41 PM | 4,688 Views
Ok, thought I'd write something here.

My first planes were rubber powered and at the time were awesome. Then I got a Cox .049 glo motor and a free flight balsa Corsair. It free flew right into the ground, trees, buildings etc. I just kept repairing it.

I started r/c way back when w' a 60" .40 size nitro trainer. Full function great plane. Problem was there were no easily accessible areas to fly. So after 4 or 5 succesful flights at a local field I gave it up.

Now some 15-20 yrs. later I bought a nitro powered monster truck. That was and still is great. Alot of maintenance though.

That's when I realized electric flight. Low maintenance, Easy access to flying areas, clean and not too noisy.

Started out w' a homemade stick flyer w' rudder, elevator and a geared 400 on 7 cell nimhs. Unfortunately my lack of flying skills led to it's early demise. My own personal opinion is "Geared motors suck"!

Then my brother found the "Mugi" delta wing site. I built a 32" version via the free and extremely easy build plans on their site. Powered by a speed 400 brushed motor and 7 cell nimhs it was underpowered to say the least. But due to the indestructable nature of coroplast, the building material, I learned the basics of flying. Of course this took upwards of 100 otherwise fatal crashes, but I learned nevertheless.

Next on the list was a prebuilt 48" Zagi 400x from the local hobby shop. $100.00 for everything, 3 channel radio included....Continue Reading