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Posted by vegasbs | Jun 30, 2011 @ 02:20 PM | 2,733 Views
My third fpv plane, a new Skywalker V2,

It has 5mm carbon fiber strips in the wing, 11" long on top and 17" long on the bottom. Also, some reinforced tape runs along the bottom of the wing.

The motor is a Scorpion 3014-1220. ESC is an Exceed Proton Opto 60 amp. Prop is an APC 10 x 5.

RC control is with the Thomas Scherrer Long Range System. A 12 channel long range receiver is in the fuselage.

The camera is a 540tvl 1/3" Sony ccd from securitycamera2000. It feeds a dpcav 910mhz 500mw transmitter with a low pass filter. My homemade vee antenna didn't do too well so I bought a vee and stuck it at the junction of the vertical and horizontal stabilizers.

An 8-15amp bec feeds the 5v system.

HS-65's are on all six control surfaces. Not only is it a four servo wing but a four channel wing. The flaps acts as ailerons in normal mode. Flicking a switch puts it into launch mode, flaps 70% down, ailerons 30% up, and a bit of up elevator. Flicking that same 3 way switch puts it into landing mode. Flaps all the way down, ailerons up about 35%. Flaps still function as ailerons in launch and landing modes. Aileron differential of about 10% is thrown in too. And since lowering the flaps causes a pitch up motion, I coupled the flaps to the elevator. Give up elevator and the flaps go down. Give down elevator and the flaps go up. A seventh Hitec servo, an HS-81, controls the camera pan. Add a throttle channel and a control channel for the Dragon OSD V2+, and my Evo 9 is out of channels. No room for tilt or stabilization gain, or payload deploy, or ....

With a 3 cell 5000mah lipo in the nose, it balances about 50mm behind the wing servo wire channel.

With the 5000mah lipo, the auw is 1695 grams. I'll be adding tape to the bottom of the fuse to protect it from landing damage. And it looks like I'll need to add more weight to the nose for a better balance.