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Posted by kraaijer | May 03, 2006 @ 04:00 PM | 2,415 Views
Hi all and welcome to my Blog

I started in the RC hobby some 10 years ago with a two meters electric glider.
It seemed real easy, nothing to it. I know something about earo dynamics. I know the basic controls... I do not need somebody to explain and teach me how to fly


Crashed on the maiden, gut disgusted with it because I spend hours on this bl..dy plane and crashed after something of a 2 second flight.

Couple of months later it starting itching again though. Knowing that apparently planes are able to crash, what better to restart this time with a helicopter. Kyosho sold a great chopper, the Nexus 30

Got my baby build in a day or so, it was something like a ARTF. Spend close to 900$ with pleasure for my renewed hobby.
Guess what, I did not learn from my first experience and crashed the Nexus on the first flight too!

What does it take to fly this stuff?

Answer is advice, patience and control.

Believe me, I did not make the same mistake 3 times
I became member of a local club. Talked a lot to the people and most of all, listened to good advice.
I repaired my Nexus and started again. I got someone from the club to check out my helicopter. He also did the maiden flight and trimmed it as good as possible. I even got a training kit this time. With help from my newly found friends I started to hover and eventually did forward flight etc...

Now I can fly my helicopters in any direction, do acro and all that stuff. I am certainly...Continue Reading