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Posted by apilgrim | Apr 11, 2006 @ 10:24 AM | 3,290 Views
I am a newbie, and my name is greg. I have an old Peck Polymer blimp envelope only, about 14 footer and 4 ft. in dia., I would like to get this going(fly R/C) I dont know where to begin. I would like to get some inputs on power system . How big motor I have to use. I saw some picture from an old magazine. It looks like it has 3 electric motors 2 on the gondola that swings from a pivot sideways only(I think) and the other one is in the lower fin, I guess this use for turning. The siz of the motor seems to be speed 280 or 300. I would like to fly this outdoor/indoor. Any other inputs is welcome.