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Posted by Brner | Oct 18, 2011 @ 08:24 PM | 17,916 Views
For those of you who are having problems pulling battery connectors apart, here's a method that really works well.

Not sure how original an idea this is as I first saw a similar idea on a YouTube video where a guy used nails stuck in the jaws of wooden clothespins. Thought it was a neat idea but that the wood jaws of his setup might have a tendency to crack so I never pursued it.

Then one day I received a flyer from Harbor Freight that had these snap ring pliers on sale for a couple of bucks (Regular price is $4.99 I believe but they're always on sale for something less). The pictures are self explanatory and it does work very well, especially in tight quarters. I've tried it on real Deans, fake Deans and two types of HK plugs, works great on all of them. Try it, I think you'll really like it....

Drill a 1/16" hole in each of the pair as shown, I kept these holes in the meat of the plugs. avoiding contact with the electrical connections.

Take care,