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Posted by HelloScott | Mar 12, 2008 @ 03:33 PM | 6,530 Views
Please visit www.IndyHobbies.com NOTE: IndyHobbies is NOT A COMMERCIAL WEBSITE! Its simply a launch pad for people in Indiana who are interested in finding a hobby/club/track/store etc. I created it in my spare time just to help out fellow modelers. I got tired of googling my brains out constanting to find hobby sites I was looking for in Indiana.

I've been at this hobby for over 35 years. I started out flying control line models in the Buffalo, NY area and then tried to get into gas-powered R/C. Running my hobby budget on a summer job income didn't do so well back then. Everytime I crashed, it took me a while to get back in the air again. Frustration.

I moved to east Tennessee with my family after high school. While there, I got involved in the "East Tennessee Soaring Society" and learned a lot about sailplanes, themals and building. Those were some great years with great guys.

I still wanted to do "greasy kid's stuff" as the sailplane guys called powered planes and also joined the Knox County Radio Control Club (www.kcrctn.com). We flew at a gorgeous field outside of Oak Ridge, TN near west Knoxville. I spent hours flying with those guys and learning much about pattern, fun flys and how to balance flying with marriage.

Now I live in Indiana (long story) and continue to fly with the Blacksheep Squadron RC Airplane Club (www.blacksheepclub.org). I've always dabbled in designing my own airplanes and had a life-long dream come...Continue Reading