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Posted by Moerdogg | Nov 12, 2006 @ 11:43 AM | 2,442 Views
After a 10-year hiatus, I got back into flying at the beginning of last year with some help from friends and my advisor. I am currently a mechanical engineering graduate student at Penn State, so cash and free time are not overly abundant, but I make do.

After a failed attempt at getting back into gassers with a Hobbico Avistar (see avatar), I got my head straight and cut my teeth on an Easystar. I flew that all spring and summer, hitting two trees and crashing a half dozen times. I was on a buddy box the very first time it flew, so I could have someone experienced trim it out, and that was it.

At NEAT I bought an Airfoilz Edge 540, and I have been flying that pretty much exclusively since then. I had my advisor maiden it and trim it out, then took it up myself once he got it flying straight. I fly fairly high up and treat it more as a pattern plane still, but I am slowly becoming more aggressive with it. I have crashed it twice, neither one badly, and with negligable airframe damage.

My most recent plane, an Alfa P-47, I received on Friday and maidened yesterday, as a trade for my HPI Savage rc truck. Since picking up airplanes I have run the Savage about 5 times, so I think the trade worked out very nicely. The "Jug" has a brushless motor and is currently turning a 9x3.8 prop. During the maiden I noticed a tendency to snap roll out of loops at full throttle, so I will be trying out an 8x6 to see whether that will cure it. Low-throttle loops were nicely axial, so it seems to be motor-torque related.