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Posted by Tartago | Jul 23, 2011 @ 03:46 AM | 8,160 Views
This is my short lived Dassault Alpha Jet.

Very easy to assemble: no more than 2 hours. No glue included so I used 15min epoxy for wings and tail surfaces and UHU-por for the rest.

Plenty of space to move the battery back and forht to ensure a proper CG. But the strap installed is too big and cannot secure the battery.

The CG is ok as per manual. Is difficult to identify but if you take as reference the "dog teeth" on the wings, the CG is in line with them.

I used 2200 mAh 4s batteries: nano-tech and normal Turnigy, 35C and 40C. In average I got 3min of flying time with them.

The plane is quite fast, very stable, the manouvers are relaxed, the roll rate is ok, not very fast but straight.

I flew with and without wind and no issues here.

The EDF is well balanced and powerful enough for some vertical climbing.

Landing is a horse of another colour. The sink rate is high, so you need to keep some power (~25pcnt) until she touches the ground before killing the motor.

The weak point is the odd LG placement and securing method.
On my second landing, the plastic attachment was un-glued.
The LG wire is quite weak and flimsy. Consider changing it.
I used rubber bands to link both legs together. Later I will put a fishing line to ensure the LG is not wobbling.

It even includes an external UBEC (Bravo HK!) to manage so many servo .

After 9 flights The plane on a crashed due to a wing detached in flight.

I was glued with a lot of epoxy....Continue Reading
Posted by Tartago | Jul 02, 2011 @ 08:21 AM | 16,132 Views
Nice EPS plane.

Less than 30 min to assemble. I gave her 2 coats of clear ronseal waterbase varnish to protect the porous paint.

I used a nano-tech 2200 25C 3S for maiden.

The plane took of like it was on rails. The recommended CG was right (amazing ).

Landing was very easy because she floats nicely. I kept the speed around 1/4 throttle and with a very shallow angle.

The third flight I was worried about the plane getting out of the landing strip and I reduced throttle too much. She started jumping and ended on her side, breaking the weakest point that is the fuse behind the cockpit. A little of Gorilla and she's ready again.
Posted by Tartago | Jul 01, 2011 @ 08:15 AM | 6,682 Views
Got mine yesterday and after a building frenzy I completed her in 2.5 hs.

First impressions:

- Beautyful!!! She seems to be flying at high speed even on my table.
- HD EPS, is not EPO, they call it SEPO (Super EPO) but is EPS, so don't use regular CA.
- The packaging is not the best. One wing tip/aileron and the tailpipe were slightly damaged.
- Is not PNF. Some assembly required. Even you need to cut and set the decals. Not big deal.
- LG already in place and looking gooood.
- Overall paint quality: Very good.
- Lower nose section is 2mm wider than the top. I didn't notice this and ended with a white lip I had to hide with green paint.
- Control horns: No screws. They have strange toothpicks to pierce the foam and need to be secured with epoxy.
- Control horns location no marked. You need to trial fit a couple of times to be sure that the holes are aligned with the hinge line.
- The wings are "removable" after removing 10 screws and a belly hatch.
- Flaps/airbrakes hinges not glued. CA them before anything.

Its a Big Beautyful plane. Sleek fuse, swept wings forecasts a fast beast.
I'll maiden her soon.