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Posted by gobigdale | Nov 07, 2011 @ 02:37 PM | 2,683 Views
MiniBee - red version (8 min 11 sec)

Posted by gobigdale | Nov 05, 2011 @ 06:21 PM | 2,691 Views
Flight log:

Yellow Bullet got 2 more flights on it today. I moved the batter back a little bit and launched it by the wing tip today. Both launches were perfect. I had to adjust the EXPO on the radio because the plane was a bit to sensitive. With the adjustments the plane flew much better. Only issue is that it was so fast I was shaking a bit, the cold weather 43 degrees F didnt help much either! Again, this plane needs a bigger place to fly and turn.

1 flight on this plane today, one flight yesterday. Thrust is great on this plane due to the 6x4 prop and MicroDan motor. The weight is heavier then then my other Mini Bee and that threw me off a bit when it was on high rates. I flew most of the flight on low rates and enjoyed some solid inverted flights from a loop.

4 more flights today. Love this plane even though it looks awful. The more I fly this the better my skills become. Getting pretty fearless with it and flying low and slow/fast. Practicing rolling circles today. Not real pretty...

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a good flying day as well before the rain starts up. I have to travel for work the next two weeks so I dont expect to get much flying in the rest of this year. Bummer.