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Posted by gobigdale | Oct 30, 2011 @ 02:20 AM | 2,858 Views
Went flying today to the baseball fields by my house. Flew three different planes:

Foamboard Bullett Plane (Yellow and Black)
This was the maiden flight of this plane that has been finished for about 5 months now. It was difficult to launch and had about 5 attempts that ended in the tall grass bending up the nose a little bit. Finally got it in the air. It rolls to the left really bad on launch. I was launching it by holding it mid fuse and powering it up 3/4 throttle. I need to fling it by the left wing next time I fly again. The plane seemed to fly well, CG seems perfect. Low rates were perfect, hight rates were too much. There seems to be a bit of up reflex in the elevons when I got it back down, I might be able to move the battery back a little bit. The plane is fast and the baseball field is not really big enough to realize the full potential of the aircraft.

Setup is:
Foamboard construction, Duck tape and Econokote covering
2212/6 Motor with 30Amp speed controller 6x4 prop
HS81 MG servos
AUW: 20.4 oz (4 oz. over the plan)
Turnigy 1000mah 30-40c 11.1V Battery

Speed Bee
Modified Mini Bee had it's seecond flight today. It flew amazing and has no bad habits. Had some covering come off of the plane which got repaired back at home. Love flying this wing.

Setup is:
EPP moulded wing, wrapped in drywall fiber tape with 3M90. Wing is covered in Econokote on top and bottom
MicroDan 2505 1842kv 30amp speed controller and 6x4 prop
not sure on the servos......Continue Reading