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Posted by Bill K. | Mar 02, 2008 @ 09:07 PM | 7,368 Views
It's been far to long since I last put anything on here, but today I had some fun and thought it would be fun to share. We were up in Chattanooga, TN visiting some family and doing some other business. While there I took my normal trip out to Falling Water RC Club. I've long ago started throwing a plane or two in the car to take out and enjoy with the group when we are in town. This time is was my Project Banchee, made 10-15 flights on it. That was NOT the hightlight of my trip though.

Before I go there though let me back up 2 or 3 months ago. On another one of these trips up there I was out flying with my boys. We had their trainer out and I was doing the 'daddy over the shoulder' method of training. They got a kick out of watching that and enjoyed having us out there and told us we were welcome to come back when ever we were in town. Also at this time I met a gentleman named Bill Clegg. At that time he was flying a Wildhare Edge 540 in the 28% size range. He let me fly it on that trip, and I proceeded to do a little 3D with it though I kept it up nice and high. However that is what set the stage for todays fun.

Skipping forward to this afternoon I'm out playing around with the Banchee when Bill parks next to me and over the next few minutes I come to find out that he's the guy that had the Edge. Only this time he's got a Yak, a very big Yak... in fact it's Extreme Flight RC's 88" Yak. Gone is the Edge replaced by this beauty!! Long story short, 30 minutes later I've got a 9303 in my hands and a handful of Yak in the air!! Here are a 'few' of the over 200 pictures that they took while I had some fun with it.
Posted by Bill K. | Jan 11, 2008 @ 09:52 PM | 8,198 Views
Right at the end of last year I found out that Ben at 3D Hobby Shop had a "few" all white Yak 54's in the 55" wing span. I've been looking and watching for a long time now for an all white ARF of some sort that is both a 3D plane and in this 50-65 inch wing span range. So when I saw this and found this out I of course placed an order almost immediately!

I wish that I could take credit for the idea and the methods used here, but I saw these several years ago and never could shake the idea of doing it. So what I'm documenting now is my attempt to emulate this. That said somebody else may find this useful or may not have seen these techniques so I hope it will serve helpful.

Step 1:

Start with an all white base, I chose the 3DH 55" Yak 54

Step 2:

Secure some transparent red and blue covering, I am using transparent Ultracote. I also needed some light gray or silver, for this I'm using Dove Gray Monocote as that's all my LHS had in a light gray.

Step 3:

Cut off a piece of the gray, nothing fancy, we are going to cut it up in to uneven strips.

Step 4:

Using Windex I first cleaned and dried the wing. Then I used Windex again to wet the areas that I wanted to put down the gray strips.

Step 5:

Using a credit card and some paper towel I squeegee out the excess.

Step 6:

Let this set over night.

Step 7:

I'll do this tomorrow or the next day; I'll use the trim seal and q-tips and seal the edges down.

In the next update for Flagged Yak I'll pick up with the next color and the methods for putting it down. I'm using a water soluble felt tip pin to make rough guide marks.

Be sure to check out "Project Banchee" as well, I've been busy on it and will be updating that thread next.

Posted by Bill K. | Jan 05, 2008 @ 08:23 PM | 6,866 Views
Over the holidays I made a deal with one of the other authorers here to purchase his used DSLR camera. This is my first experience with a Digital SLR so I have much to learn, which I'm very eager to do. I thought it would be fun to document a little bit of my progress as I learn to use it. Most of these shots are static shots as the air shots were taken while I was flying. Tomorrow I'll try and let somebody else fly and see about taking some pictures myself.

One thing I did do was pay $15 for this really good online set of 5 courses from a website called having only gone through the first course I can't judge the entire thing; however IMO the first course alone is worth the $15 that I paid. Now I just need to be diligent about actually doing the excersises and learning.

Well here are the best of the 200+ that I chose from today; some of these were taken in RAW format and then I played with some of the settings in the latest Photoshop CS. Some I played with in Googles Picasa2.

Good winds and safe landings,
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Posted by Bill K. | Jan 01, 2008 @ 05:39 PM | 6,742 Views
Well here I sit, it's the first of January, looking back on 2007 and looking forward to 2008. The normal custom is to make pledges or commitments to do certian things through out the year. We call them New Years resolutions, I guess because commitment sounds to strong. In any case, I've made a couple of small ones to myself, why not.

RC Related Stuff:
1. To buy fewer new kits unitl the ones in boxes that I have are flying!! Yes, I truely intend to follow that, and I managed to break it on day one too. Yep, I bought the new 55" Yak from 3D Hobby Shop. I bought a base white version. With that purchase however I'm done for a while. This is my accountablity. I hope... I will also document what I'm going to do with it right here.

2. To spend more time with my boys teaching them how to fly and passing on this wonderful hobby that we share. Only one is interested all the time, the other two it comes and goes. I need to capitolize on those times when it comes.

3. To actually put my tools away as I use them intead of letting my workshop get totally trashed. I just spent the last 4 days, yes 4 full days cleaning up and moving things around and condencing and throwing stuff away. 4 days!! Must do better this year.

4. I really want to improve my flying and building skills. I've been pretty dilligent of late about putting in 5-10 hours on the sim a week. I plan to keep that up as it seems to be paying off when I actually get to fly for real.

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Posted by Bill K. | Dec 17, 2007 @ 01:35 PM | 6,808 Views
I question if there is anything of value that I have to offer that people might enjoy reading... I've never blog'd before, but I've been thinking about maybe doing it as a way to showcase things like the Project Banchee that I'm building or the CA Models 24% Extra 300 that I'm building, or even to chat about some of the review projects that I have in the pipe line.

So my question/poll... would people really read it, would it be helpful or useful?