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Posted by Hangar Rat | Apr 27, 2007 @ 01:42 AM | 4,742 Views
Rabid Ramblings of a Hangar Rat

Since I ordered my Harvard from GWS on the Early Bird, I have been plagued by decisions about many things. To Glass or not to Glass? Wheels or No Wheels? but mainly, What Colour Scheme?

As the Harvard and its myriad variants was - and is - flown in probably 50 countries, both in new and in second hand form there are lots of possibilities. So, some extended googling and a bit of book research produced a large number of possibilities. It seems a shame to waste this research, so here is a collection of different schemes to prompt your imagination.

There may be more when I get home - I have some images that I can scan.

My EB AT-6 is probably lurking in a UK warehouse only about 50km from my house - but I am another 100km in the oposite direction.... But, when I get home tonight - If I'm lucky..

I hope it helps.

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