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Posted by Kevlar | Dec 02, 2010 @ 08:30 PM | 4,241 Views
Um, yeah - this thing scares the crap out of me, Scorpion 2221-8 replaced the previous 2221-6, CF Blades and Tail, Full metal head....and it Screams louder than I do when it fires up....I just hovered it and then put it away...

Actually, I was just messing around with my Nikon D-300 shooting full manual with a Tonika 100mm Macro F2.8 lens, seeing how they would turn out. Each pic originally shot RAW about 11Megs each, then reduced/cropped to 1280X

At F2.8 you will get plenty Depth-of-Field, so a good amount of blur on objects that were not targeted for focus (unlike the Scorpion Motor, the Canopy, the Head, etc). The rest of the pic will blur out as you move away from center. If I shot at an F7 or F10 then more of the heli would be in focus...but that's not cool. This technique helps you make the viewer concentrate on what you want them to see. If I want you to concentrate on the Motor, I'll focus on that subject and blur or 'Bokeh' the rest of the image.